Arizona Volleyball betting

The launch of AZ sports betting was a welcome move for all sports fans. None more so than AZ Volleyball enthusiasts. Arizona Volleyball betting might not seem all that popular to those who don’t follow it, but you’d be surprised. Worldwide, Volleyball is consistently ranked as one of the top 5 most popular sports. Maybe you’re new to Volleyball—or maybe you’ve followed it forever. Wherever you’re starting, we’ve got what you need to know about Arizona Volleyball betting right here.

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Best Volleyball betting sites in Arizona

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Getting started with Volleyball betting Arizona


One of the best things about betting on Volleyball is that it opens up so many opportunities to build your bankroll. Of course, volleyball events give you just enough diversity to excite—but Volleyball betting lines and markets will still be pretty familiar.

Not sure what we mean? In this guide, we’ll explain everything.

We’re giving you the top 4 reasons to try Volleyball betting today. You’ll come away from this with an understanding of Volleyball betting odds and lines. You’ll learn how to choose the best sportsbooks for AZ Volleyball betting. We’ll even share some pro Volleyball betting tips.

Arizona Volleyball betting odds


If you’ve ever bet on, well, any sport, most Arizona Volleyball betting odds will be familiar to you. Volleyball is a sport that lends itself well to sports betting. Meaning it’s easy for even novice bettors to enjoy.

As a basic launch pad, here’s what you need to know:

Volleyball matches typically take place across the best of 5 sets. In that case, the first four sets are a race to 25 points (with a 2 point margin)—with the final set being a tie-breaker race to 15 points. A team earns a point each time the ball touches the floor inside the court boundaries on their opponent’s side.

Now let’s explore the bet types you can make on this fast-paced, highly entertaining indoor and beach sport.

Volleyball Moneyline bets in AZ

This is the bet everyone understands: you wager on which team will win the match.

Handicap betting in Volleyball

Essentially, a handicap bet is a moneyline bet with a more even playing field. For example, when a Volleyball match is clearly biased in one team’s favor, sportsbooks may offer handicapped betting to remove the bias.

Arizona Volleyball betting totals

Another familiar betting type for sports is totals. Volleyball actually lets you wager on two separate elements of the game.

Total sets let you wager on how many sets will be played in the match. For example, a sportsbook may set the margin at 3.5, and you can predict whether the total number of sets played will be 3—meaning one team will win 3 straight sets—or the match will be played out in full.

Total points work in much the same way, except you’ll be wagering on the total number of points scored in a match. Typically hovering around the 144.5 mark, you’ll predict whether the total points will be over or under that figure.

Volleyball betting futures

As with other sporting markets, a futures bet allows you to place a wager on an outcome or event in the future.

One of the most common markets for Volleyball futures betting is the Olympic Games. AZ might have missed out this year, but no doubt countless Volleyball fans will be flooding Arizona sportsbooks to take advantage of a futures wager in 2022.

Futures betting isn’t just about picking an outright winner, though. You also have the opportunity to bet on knockout rounds of a Volleyball tournament along the way.

Parlay bets in Volleyball

Parlay bets are accumulators—you bet across multiple outcomes on the one betting slip. If every one of your picks is called in your favor, congratulations—you’ve probably won big. Conversely, if any of your picks are called as a loss, you lose your entire wager sum (and the potential winnings of any correct picks).

Arizona Volleyball live betting

A major drawcard at AZ sportsbooks live-in-play betting lets you be a part of the action. Place bets from your mobile sportsbook app while you watch the match and enjoy the dynamic, versatile live betting experience.

Arizona Volleyball betting – beginner tips


Because Arizona Volleyball betting has such a gentle learning curve, many AZ sports betting fans are ready to try their hand at it. However, before you do, we recommend checking out some quick tips from the experts.


  • DO pay attention to team dynamics. Volleyball matches don’t hinge on one or two-star players—the entire team needs to be operating at their best. Understanding how the players interact and communicate—or whether a new player has joined—can help boost your picks.
  • DO look at where the match is being held. Home court advantage is the real deal—does your team have it? If you’re betting on beach Volleyball, check the weather forecast. How well does your team play in high southerly winds?
  • DO check the venue. Traveling teams can take time to acclimate themselves to a venue, so understanding light distribution across the parquet, or ceiling height, or how close the fans are to the court boundaries can make a big difference.


  • DON’T put all your eggs in one basket. When you cover a range of outcomes you can enjoy more of the game, find some hidden gems in the betting odds, and minimize risky losses.
  • DON’T forget about fatigue. If your team has been on the road for a while—or half way across the world at the Olympics—it pays to consider how tired they’ll be. Long travel hours, sleeping in hotels, jet lag, and changes in diet can all impact a team’s wellbeing.
  • DON’T ignore the team’s calendar. At a minimum, check what your team and their opponents have coming up. It’s common for coaches to bench top players in the period leading up to a big match—so is this match the big one? Or is it likely your team is fielding its second-string players?
  • DON’T focus on one event. There are several major events on the Volleyball calendar—and all of them can be lucrative as you build your betting chops.

Arizona Volleyball betting on events


Now that you’ve decided to add Volleyball betting to your overall strategy for the season, you’re going to need to know about the leagues.

In this section, we’re breaking down the basics of the top Volleyball tournaments for AZ Volleyball betting.

Arizona Volleyball betting at the Olympics

Volleyball first hit the Olympic circuit in Tokyo in 1964, followed by beach Volleyball in Atlanta, GA, in 1996. You’ve got multiple options here:

  • indoor
  • Beach Volleyball (outdoors)
  • Men’s
  • Women’s

Volleyball betting on the World Championships

The Worlds are held every four years—and always in a different year from the Olympics. The Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) is a key organizer of this competition—just as it is with every other major Volleyball tournament. The FIVB even has a hand in the Olympic Games.

Your Volleyball betting options at the World Championships are:

  • Men’s
  • Women’s

Contending teams are assigned a place in the tournament based on their placement in other qualifying events, like the one we’re looking at next.

Volleyball betting at the World Cup

The World Cup is a 4-yearly event that receives solid media coverage worldwide. It allows for 12 contending teams—four of which will be the defending men’s and women’s champions, and the host country’s men’s and women’s teams. It also accepts the highest placed teams in each of 5 zones who did not qualify for the Olympic Games.

Volleyball betting on Zone Championships

Zone championships are considered feeders for the tournaments we’ve already mentioned. You’ve got five international zones:

  • North America / Central America / Caribbean (NORCECA)
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • South America

Zone championship competition varies within zone—NORCECA zone championships for both men and women tend to be held between late August and early September.

Betting on the Volleyball World League and World Grand Prix

The World League is a men’s-only Volleyball league with a deep prize pool. It’s women’s counterpart is the World Grand Prix, and both leagues are comprised of the top 12 women’s and men’s teams worldwide.

Playoffs are typically held in July for the World League, and September for the World Grand Prix.

Why you need to focus your AZ Volleyball betting strategy on strong tournaments

Building your strategy around these tournaments means you’ll have access to comprehensive coverage in the media. Media coverage means more fans, and more attention from the sportsbooks. More attention means access to stronger markets and more competitive odds.

Essentially, what we’re saying is that by focusing on the most popular leagues, you can get the most out of the Volleyball betting experience.

Arizona Volleyball betting sportsbooks


All our top Arizona sportsbook picks are licensed, reliable, and professional. They’ve also got a reputation for dishing out top bonuses.

Finally, they’ve got an extensive range of Volleyball odds and betting lines.

FanDuel Volleyball bets

FanDuel are well known for delivering quality live in-play Arizona Volleyball betting. They’re also at the top of our list for a generous Volleyball betting menu, and a rewarding daily odds boost set-up.

BetMGM online Volleyball betting

A lot of sports betting newcomers will register at BetMGM for one reason—the MGM name. Sure, it delivers exceptional service, a streamlined app, and top of the line odds. However, it’s also got the most extensive betting markets menu—and a great Volleyball selection.

Caesars online Volleyball betting

Moving away from their reputation of focusing on a small group of core sports, this sportsbook giant has already built out its Volleyball betting menu and live Volleyball betting features.

WynnBET online sports betting on Volleyball

Intuitive live Volleyball betting, competitive odds, and a responsive mobile app make WynnBET enjoyable. Then they double down by covering the top Volleyball events worldwide, and we can’t help but be impressed.

Bally Bet Volleyball betting sportsbook

Now that Bally Bet Arizona has teamed up with the major Volleyball association in the US, we’re expecting big things from this growing sportsbook. So far, they’ve delivered on the competitive betting odds and range of betting options.

DraftKings online Volleyball betting

Good bonuses, good betting odds, good app, good Volleyball insights—what more can we say about one of Arizona’s best sportsbooks?

BetRivers for Volleyball betting online

BetRivers Arizona is an experienced sportsbook in the Grand Canyon State. It consistently delivers a variety of Volleyball betting markets and competitive bonuses.

Betfred online sportsbook

Betfred may be new to the US sportsbook scene, but it knows its betting. Betfred offers detailed analysis of Volleyball events, quality odds, and solid bonuses.

TwinSpires online Volleyball betting

We’ve always enjoyed what Twin Spires have to offer on the futures market, and their Volleyball betting options are competitive, generous, and dynamic.

Unibet Volleyball betting site

Unibet is known to stay across developments at FIVB level, which means they’ve got their finger on the pulse of the major international Volleyball leagues. In addition, unibet is a standout in Olympic Games Volleyball betting.

Barstool Sportsbook AZ Volleyball betting

Barstool is a smaller sportsbook with a big reputation. New bettors and seasoned professionals alike are registering at Barstool in record numbers, so get in quick to enjoy their strong Volleyball futures markets and competitive odds.



Volleyball betting is great for ambitious Arizona bettors who want to play it smart. You’ll find some familiar betting markets, but enough room to move around when the rest of the country’s focus is elsewhere.

For sheer excitement and more opportunity to turn a profit, you can’t beat Arizona Volleyball betting.

Arizona Volleyball betting FAQs

What is the best AZ sportsbook for Volleyball betting?

Any of our top AZ gambling picks can deliver an excellent Volleyball betting experience, so shop around for the best bonuses and deals for your style.

Should I use more than one AZ Volleyball betting site?

We recommend having more than one. But, if you like, start with one, find your footing, and expand when it works for you.

Can I bet on international Volleyball matches?

Definitely. You can bet on the Olympic Games Volleyball tournament or any of the international FIVB leagues.

How old do I need to be to bet on Volleyball?

You must be at least 21 years old to bet on Volleyball in Arizona.

Can I bet on college Volleyball in Arizona?

Yes, you can bet on college Volleyball matches, tournaments, and championships in Arizona.