March Madness betting Arizona

March Madness, otherwise known as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, is one of the largest college games wagered on each year. This tournament is known to bring in upwards of 10 billion dollars in wagered bets annually. Do you know what it takes to win wagering during March Madness betting in Arizona?

How to bet on March Madness in Arizona

Each spring, the US hosts a huge 68 team single elimination tournament in order to determine who will be titled the national champions of the year. These games pull in millions of bettors throughout the nation, with many of them winning pretty significant payouts.

If you are interested in placing a bet on March Madness in Arizona, continue reading this article. We will be providing you with the best March Madness  sportsbooks available for March Madness betting, the best types of bets to place on these games, and tips straight from the experts on how you can win big.

Best March Madness betting sites in Arizona

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Top sportsbooks Arizona for March Madness betting


Before you can wager on a college basketball game, you have to sign up for a top March Madness sportsbook account in AZ. Here is a list of the top Arizona online sportsbooks available in the state of Arizona that are great places to wager on your favorite teams.

BetMGM March Madness odds AZ

BetMGM is a popular online sportsbook company that offers banking options with most financial institutions and popular credit card companies. In addition, they have an easy-to-navigate website and mobile app, making online betting easy and fun.

March Madness Welcome bonuses: $1000 deposit match

Draftkings AZ March Madness betting

Draftkings offers a wide variety of sports to customers giving various betting options on all of your favorite teams and players. The user interface is well designed, and its customer service is top-notch.

Welcome bonuses: Up to $1000 risk-free bonus and deposit bonus.

Fanduel Arizona March Madness online betting

Fanduel is one of the biggest March Madness sportsbook sites in the industry, with tons of users placing wagers and visiting the site each day. Their online platform holds up well with all of the traffic, and the promotions offered are hard to resist.

Arizona March Madness Welcome bonus: Up to $500 in bonus cash

William Hill AZ March Madness sportsbook

William Hill March Madness sportsbook in AZ is one of the longest-standing sports betting companies around. It is a trustworthy and reputable site that has been a favorite among bettors all over. They offer a wide variety of bets as well as phenomenal bonuses and odds.

AZ March Madness Welcome bonus: $10 free cash bonus and $150 deposit match

Caesars Sports March Madness Arizona

Caesars Sports covers a wide variety of American sports and offers their customers many forms of betting styles. Their prop bets are some of the best, with high winning odds for many games and teams. In addition, they offer great protection and security through their website.

Welcome bonus: $10 free bet and up to $300 risk-free bonus

Bally Bet AZ March Madness

Bally Bet offers its customers a secure and safe sportsbook site. The customer service is amazing, and the site is very easy to navigate. In addition, this sports betting site is interactive and keeps customers engaged.

Welcome bonus: Coming soon

WynnBET Sportsbook Arizona March Madness

WynnBET is best known for its quality customer service. Customer support is available whenever you need it, and you won’t have to wait long periods of time. This March Madness sportsbook Arizona has great customer reviews and very fair odds on event betting in Arizona.

Welcome bonus: Deposit Match up to $250

Unibet March Madness Arizona

Unibet is a user-friendly site that is easy to navigate. This sports betting page offers its customers 24/7 customer support and secure payment methods, keeping your private information safe.

Welcome bonus: Free bet bonus

Sign up for a March Madness sportsbook in AZ

Once you have chosen the March Madness sportsbook company in Arizona you are comfortable with, you need to sign up for an account. Creating an account is simple to do and will take you no more than five minutes to complete.

  • Click on the “Register” or “New user” tab.
  • Enter your name, phone #, address, and create a password
  • Confirm your information and create your account
  • Log in and set up your banking info to deposit money into your sportsbook account and to withdraw your winnings when available.
  • Place your first bet

Most bank accounts are quick and easy to set up, and funds should be available immediately once your account is established.

March Madness Betting in Arizona


There are many different types of bets you can play with every sportsbook site out there. In addition, each company offers its own wagers and types of bets you can place. However, there is a handful that is more common than others when betting on March Madness games in Arizona.

Futures bets

Futures bets are one of the most popular types of bets placed for March Madness. In addition, these bets are most commonly who will win bets placed throughout the season well before the March Madness games.

Bracket challenges

The bracket challenges during March Madness is a fun way to wager against family, friends, co-workers, etc. This form of betting allows for each player to predict which team will win each of the 67 games during this tournament. For every team you correctly wager on, you get one point. Whoever has the most points in the end wins.

Prop bets

A prop bet is another fun way to wager on the games played during the March Madness tournament. With each of these bets, a player wagers on things that have nothing to do with the final results. This can be which player will score the first point in the game or predict who will make the furthest throw in the game.


Moneyline odds during March Madness are some of the easiest bets to place during these college basketball betting games. You simply wager on which team you think will win each game. These lines are created based on the volume of bettors.

The amount of money you wager on these bets depends on which team you choose. If you are betting on your favorite team, you will have to wager more than if you were betting on the underdog.


March Madness over/under bets is very straightforward. First, the bookie predicts how many total points a single game will end in. You then place a wager on whether you think the final score will be over or under the prediction.

Live bets

Placing live bets during March Madness is exciting and nerve-racking. These are wagers placed in real-time while the game is still happening. These bets are more difficult to win but can provide a large payout if you do.

Expert tips for March Madness betting in Arizona


So, you understand what March Madness betting in Arizona is, where to go to place a bet, and what types of bets to place, but do you know how to make the best decisions? Not many people do. That’s why we put together a list of tips straight from the experts with advice on how to beat the odds.

Shop around

There are tons of Arizona March Madness sportsbooks offering great promotions and high odds during March Madness, and with each game, some offers are much better than others. Always take a look at the different sports betting sites before placing a bet to make sure you are getting the best deal out there.

Top off your account

Before the tournament starts, make sure you have deposited a good amount of money into your March Madness betting account. This way, you aren’t rushing at the last minute to fund your account and possibly miss out on a good deal.

(Never over-fund your account. Only gamble with money you have available and that you can afford.)

Study up on each team

Knowing the history of each team you wager on is going to make a huge difference in the chances of you winning each bet. By knowing what the team is capable of and how they have played in the past, you have a better shot at predicting the outcome of each game.

Never bet on a game you are unsure of

Do not let great promotions or extremely good odds persuade you to wager on a game you are unsure of or are not completely familiar with. It is not worth the risk, and you can use that money to bet on a game that gives you a higher chance of winning.

Pay attention to injuries, player changes, or coach changes

Make sure you are following what is happening on and off the court. For example, when line-ups change and players are pulled for injuries or positions are changed, then the team’s performance is likely to change as well, and that could impact the outcome of your bet.

Focus on team performances past and present

Take a look at the outcome for each team’s performances up until now. How many wins? How many losses? What are the team’s advantages? What are their disadvantages? Now compare the two competing teams to get a better idea of what bets you can place with confidence.

Know the players

Sometimes it is just as important to know the strengths and weaknesses of each player as it is the entire team. When you know how each player performs and how they are doing thus far in the season, you can place wagers on them specifically.

Bonuses in Arizona for March Madness


There are various bonuses offered by all Arizona online gambling sites. Some are better than others, and some offer great odds during March Madness. Keep an eye out for these offers is a great way to add some extra cash to your wallet.

  • Enhanced odds in Arizona: Enhanced odds are when the bookie boosts the odds in specific games, making winnings higher for bettors.
  • Money-back bonus: A money-back bonus is when a Arizona March Madness sportsbook offers to give back the money or some money of a lost wager.
  • Sign-on bonus March Madness Arizona: A sign-on bonus is a bonus offered to those who create a new account with a March Madness sportsbook page.
  • Free bet promotions AZ: A free bet promotion is where a sportsbook gives a bettor one free bet to a specific game.
  • Best odds guaranteed: Guaranteed odds is when a bookie offers bettors the best odds possible during a game.
  • Reload bonus in AZ: A reload bonus is where you are given extra money for reloading the money in your Arizona March Madness sportsbook account.
  • Reduce the juice bonus: Reduce the juice is when a bookie gives up some or all of their fees normally taken for each bet.
  • Existing customer bonus: Like it sounds, once in a great while, existing customers will get bonuses or promotions on certain games and bets.

You can find these promotions by logging onto each bonus section March Madness sportsbook website and social media page.

FAQ’s About March Madness betting Arizona

Is it legal to wager on March Madness games in Arizona?

Yes, it is legal to wager on any sports in Arizona as long as you are using a fully licensed sportsbook.

How do you find a reputable sportsbook for March Madness betting in Arizona?

You can easily search online for March Madness sportsbook sites that are legal in the state of Arizona. However, it is important you check each of these sites to make sure they are certified, licensed, reputable, and secure.

What are the best bets to place during March Madness?

There are many ways to bet on college basketball games. However, during big events like March Madness, some of the better wagers are line bets, prop bets, and over/under bets.

Can you place live bets for games played during March Madness?

Yes. Many sportsbook sites offer live bet options and live-stream services to their customers, making it easier to place live bets.

How do you find promotions and bonuses when betting on March Madness in Arizona?

All March Madness sportsbook sites will likely offer great bonuses and fair odds during bigger events like March Madness. You can find these promotions by checking your sportsbook account site frequently and watching their social media platforms. Remember: Good promotions are offered randomly and do not last long. So keep an eye out for these deals, and don’t miss out.