Motorsports Betting Arizona

This guide will discuss Motorsports betting in Arizona, covering the how-to and best strategies for betting on the likes of NASCAR, Formula 1, and more.

Guide to Motorsports betting in Arizona

Below, we’ll cover topics related to Motorsports betting online, like the most important parts of choosing a motorsports sportsbook in Arizona, from the benefits and features to the customer support, deposit/withdrawal methods, mobile features, betting markets, and more.

Then, we’ll discuss the best motorsports sportsbooks available in AZ – BetMGM, Pointsbet, Draftkings, Fanduel, and William Hill – as well as the different ways to bet on Motorsports and Motorsports betting tips and Motorsports odds. Finally, stay tuned until the end to learn answers to frequently asked questions about Motorsports betting in AZ.

AZ motorsports betting list

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Best sportsbooks AZ for Motorsports betting


Pointsbet Motorsports betting

Pointsbet motorsports sportsbook has a generous sign-up offer and set of promotions for bettors. Motorsports bettors can bet on markets in the NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR futures, Formula One, and Formula One futures. In addition, bettors can bet on race winners and even take advantage of the site’s exciting cash-out feature.

BetMGM Motorsports bets

BetMGM is another great option in Arizona for its betting markets in both Formula 1 racing and NASCAR. You can bet on world championship futures, race winners, antepost winners, as well as cup championships. The site has great features like a bet slip, event media updates, betting tips, and more. In addition, BetMGM is big on promotions and offers a generous sign-up offer for new bettors.

Draftkings Motorsports online betting

Draftkings motorsports sportsbook is a popular betting site that lets bettors take part in six different categories of Motorsports betting. For example, you have the choice of betting on F1 – Great Britain GP, F1 World Championship, Moto GP Championship, Moto2 Championship, Moto3 Championship, or the NASCAR Cup – Championship futures. This site has great promotions, as well as a convenient betting app.

William Hill Motorsports odds

William Hill is another AZ sportsbook that Motorsports bettors can make use of. William Hill is “America’s No. 1 Sportsbook”, and it offers bettors an excellent mobile betting app, as well as the chance to make prop bets and winner bets on Motorsports events.

Fanduel Motorsports

Fanduel is the final option on our list, but certainly not the least. Fanduel motorsports sportsbook lets bettors reap a $1k sign-up bonus, various online sports betting promotions, and great betting markets. Motorsports bettors have their pick of betting on NASCAR, Formula 1, F1 British Grand Prix, and more.

How to choose a sportsbook for Motorsports betting in AZ


There are several things you should look out for when choosing a motorsports sportsbook AZ. For Motorsports betting in particular, though, you may want to prioritize betting sites that feature NASCAR and other Motorsports in their betting lineup.

Benefits and features

When you choose an Arizona online sports betting sportsbook, does it have features that will help you make Motorsports bets? Further, does it reward you with benefits like promotions and bonuses? Great motorsports sportsbooks offer promotional offers on the types of bets you want to make. So, if you prefer making bets on NASCAR or Formula 1 races, you should look for a sportsbook that offers bet promotions in these areas.

Additionally, a good motorsports sportsbook will generally offer a sign-up bonus to all new account holders. Sign-up bonuses have the potential of giving you bonus bets or some kind of site credit to redeem.

And beyond the benefits, you want to make sure that the sportsbook offers features that you can use to your betting advantage. Great features include bet slips for tracking wagers, a handy mobile betting app, bet-building features, live betting/streaming, and more.

Financial features

Another motorsport sportsbook feature you should look into is the set of banking methods available to bettors. A sportsbook is really no good to you if your bank accounts and funding methods aren’t compatible with the site. Good motorsports sportsbooks let you move your deposits and withdrawals in a variety of methods, from e-wallets to site-exclusive credit cards, cash, checks, debit cards, online banking, and more.

And it’s even more of a bonus if the methods offered let you make instant deposits and quickly process your withdrawals with very few limits on them.

Motorsports odds and markets

One part of choosing a sportsbook is shopping around and finding the site that offers the best odds and betting markets for Motorsports in particular. For example, does the motorsports betting site you want offering betting markets for NASCAR? Or, if you prefer to bet on Formula 1, do they offer betting markets for that?

You need to figure out if a sportsbook can give you the ideal betting opportunities before you get tempted by the welcome offer and sign up. And the best way you can determine if they offer good odds is if you read around other customers’ reviews and learn as much as possible about the odds.

User experience and trustworthiness

Finally, when you choose a motorsports sportsbook, you want to make sure they value you as a customer. In addition, you want to be able to trust the sportsbook with your finances and your time. Some of the ways you can ensure your account security is with password-protection on your account, as well as strong authentication.

So, if a motorsports sportsbook offers these, you’re in good hands. Further, you want a sportsbook that values your user experience, which means a site with a convenient and easily navigable interface. And lastly, make sure that the site you choose is trustworthy.

A pretty simple way to tell if the site is trustworthy is by checking out user reviews online. For example, do players typically say that the site is quick and easy to use? Do they agree that they haven’t had too many issues with deposits and withdrawals? People are generally pretty honest about their experience with sportsbooks online, so take heed.

AZ Motorsports betting tips

Arizona online gambling has some strategies for making solid bets on Motorsports events.

  • Keep in mind the racer to win a race may not necessarily be the “fastest” racer on that race day. The racers with the fastest laps often don’t follow through to win a race. Remember this when placing your to-win bets.
  • Try out double chance betting markets. While these are a bit tricky, they can be a great opportunity to win. You could bet on the driver you think will win, as well as the driver you think will drive the fastest lap.
  • Don’t get too caught up on bets with super high payouts. Even though these seem enticing, they are typically too good to be true since good drivers often consistently win.

How to make different Motorsports bets in Arizona


Below are some of the most common bets you can make on Motorsports events.

To-win bets

To-win bets are by far the most common bet you’ll see in the world of Motorsports. It’s pretty straightforward. Bet on the racer you believe will win the race. Different drivers present different payouts. You’ll commonly see a tempting opportunity to bet on an underdog – the racer the sportsbook doesn’t see much winning potential in.

But be careful since underdogs statistically do not often win. The payout offered is usually high for an underdog, but you’re better off betting on a favored racer in the end.


Futures are common in almost all sports betting markets. These are outright bets on the winner of a championship that is yet to finish. You can place these wagers far in advance of the day you find out the champion racer. These bets are higher stakes since the winner must have won multiple races to win the championship title.

Prop bets

Prop bets are common in lots of sports betting arenas. Instead of betting on who will win, you can bet on things that may occur during the race. For example, you could bet on statistical things, like whether or not a certain racer will break their own record or a track record.

Or, perhaps you bet on whether the length of the race will surpass a certain time period. You could even bet on how long a lap will take.

FAQs about Motorsports betting in AZ

What is the best motorsport to bet on in Arizona?

Your choice, of course, comes down to personal preference and where you think you have the most expertise. However, Formula 1 racing is largely popular among Motorsports bettors and NASCAR, Indy Car, among others.

Is Motorsports betting riskier than betting on other sports in AZ?

While Motorsports are inherently risky, betting on them isn’t any riskier than betting on other sports markets. When betting on any type of sport, the key to lowering your risk is knowing the odds and understanding when and where you’re putting your money at risk.

Is online Motorsports betting better than in-person Motorsports betting?

There isn’t a huge difference in your opportunities when it comes to online vs. in-person betting markets. However, what is different is that online betting makes it so much easier for bettors to shop around and compare markets, which means you may be more likely to find the best bets.

What’s the most popular motorsports bet to place?

In NASCAR betting, the most popular bet is the to-win bet, which is when you bet on the driver you think will win the entire race. These are high-stakes bets since it can be pretty difficult to determine who the outright winner will be in NASCAR.

What is a good strategy for betting on Formula 1?

One good rule of thumb for Formula 1 betting is to bet on the favored racers. Underdogs rarely win, despite the tempting high payouts at stake.