Betting on NASCAR in Arizona

NASCAR might not be your typical sport, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bet on it like it’s football, baseball, or basketball. You can win big by betting on NASCAR in Arizona from the weekly Monster Energy Cup Series to the Xfinity Series and even the Camping World Truck Series.

Guide to NASCAR betting in AZ

To put money on your favorite NASCAR racer, you will first have to sign up with a sportsbook, familiarize yourself with the betting lines, and then develop a strategy for picking your bets. But, with a little research, you’ll be winning in no time.

We’ll go through everything you need to know about getting started with sportsbooks, betting lines, and strategy in this guide, so let’s dive in!

Best NASCAR betting AZ

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A rundown of NASCAR betting in Arizona


A uniquely American sport, NASCAR racing goes back to the days of moonshining and bootlegging, when distillers would need cars sturdy enough to protect their bottles yet fast enough to outrun the law. Today, it’s a popular event that goes on from February to November without a set season.

Over the course of those nine months, you’ll have ample opportunities to bet on your favorite racers in over 35 different events, Daytona 500 betting being one of the more popular. Compared to other sports, though, NASCAR bets are pretty unique. We’ll get into how that’s true a little later, but for now, let’s look at what you need to start betting.

Top NASCAR sportsbooks in Arizona 2024


The first step to betting on any sport is to find a quality sportsbook. Your best bet is an online option that offers convenient access, secure encryption, and a whole host of boosts and bonuses. We can recommend a few of the best NASCAR sportsbooks currently available in Arizona but be sure to do your research into each one before picking.


The odds are, if you’re looking to gamble, you have heard of the legendary MGM brand. MGM has provided punters an online sportsbook for over 30 years and maintains their membership with a wide variety of betting lines, quality odds, and bonuses that set them apart, such as new daily bonuses, live streaming options, and a modern mobile app.

Pointsbet NASCAR betting

Pointsbet has comprehensive betting options for all motorsports, including NASCAR and all its various series. You can place fixed odds for each race, and you receive a sign-up bonus worth up to $2,000, depending on how much money you initially deposit.

Draftkings NASCAR

Draftkings is an excellent option for anyone new to online sports betting. They have a decent range of betting options and good odds, but best of all, Draftkings will walk you through how to place bets and how to read and understand their odds.

DraftKings also offers you a $500 insurance bonus bet when you sign up for their platform and deposit money to your account.

Fanduel NASCAR odds

Since you’re planning to bet on NASCAR, you’ll do well to check out Fanduel. Fanduel has some of the best odds for NASCAR racers, with some racers listed as high as $11,000. Fanduel also has one of the most streamlined and well-designed mobile apps out there.

When you sign up, you can place a one-time insurance bonus bet worth up to $1,000, depending on how much you initially deposit. Then, as you continue to play, you can also make use of their daily bonuses.

William Hill NASCAR lines

William Hill has been bookmaking for nearly 100 years and, in that time, has made quite a name for themselves as one of the world’s most well-regarded sportsbooks. On sign-up, you will be required to deposit at least $20, but you can receive a deposit match worth up to $2021.

How about other options?

If you’re not satisfied with these five top options, you can also find a variety of other sportsbooks online. Just be sure to check that they have:

  • A well-rated platform, vetted by other users
  • Betting lines that suit your needs
  • Competitive odds on Motorsports (Formula 1 betting odds) for example
  • Daily bonuses, deposit matches, and sign-up bonuses
  • A secure system protected with digital encryption technology
  • Timely deposit/withdrawal with acceptable fees.

Putting the extra effort into vetting a potential sportsbook will save you the headache of dealing with a subprime platform that could even be stealing your information.

How NASCAR betting works in Arizona


Whereas other sports are well-suited to a wide range of betting lines, the overwhelming majority of NASCAR bets are simple moneyline bets. This lack of access to over/under bets, goal-line bets, or any other type of bet means sportsbooks generally inflate the odds to boost punters’ overall excitement for the race. However, this isn’t the sole way you can bet on NASCAR

Let’s take a look at the different types of betting lines

  • Moneyline betting – As we said, these are the most common types of NASCAR bets. You simply pick who you expect to win the race and place your money on them. Your sportsbook will set the odds, and your winnings will depend on those odds. For example, if you bet $100 on Kyle Busch to win Talladega, and he has +300 odds, you would win $300 when he wins the race.
  • Place betting – Rather than simply betting on who wins the race, you can bet on which position your favorite drivers will finish. Most sportsbooks will let you pick your top three or top five finishers, although some books will even allow you to extend it up to 10 positions. The odds still stand as they would for a single moneyline bet.
  • Futures betting – As you can probably guess from the name, futures betting means betting on what will happen in the future. You place these bets far in advance of a race—for example, on who will win the NASCAR Cup in November—using odds at the time you place the bet. Although the odds may change, you’re locked into the odds you bet at.
  • Prop betting – Prop bets are arguably the most interesting because they have to do with the exact events of a race, not just who wins. For example, you could bet on the manufacturer of the winning car, the number of crashes, or how many flags will be thrown throughout the race. The odds for prop bets vary, so be sure to check your sportsbook ahead of time.

Let’s discuss three important terms

  • Live betting – Although it sounds like you’re betting as the race happens, live betting means putting money on a driver before the race starts.
  • In-race betting – If you want to bet on the race as it happens, you need to find a sportsbook that offers in-race betting. Odds change throughout the race so, if you opt to bet in-race, be sure to keep an eye on your sportsbook at all times.
  • Handicap betting – Sportsbooks understand that not all drivers perform equally well across all events. You may find that your sportsbook handicaps some drivers with a time advantage or penalty depending on the race, so be sure to take their handicaps into consideration as you bet.

Tips for developing a NASCAR betting strategy in AZ


Knowing how to bet doesn’t mean you’re immediately going to start winning. You first need to develop a strategy. Then, put these quick tips to use to maximize your wins.

  • Base your bets on past tracks and conditions – Do some digging into past races to see who performed the best under certain weather conditions, track lengths, road materials, and track shapes.
  • Research car setups – From one race to another, NASCAR mandates which engine/aerodynamics packages a team can load onto their car. These packages can greatly affect drivers’ performances, so figure out which packages your favorite drivers perform best in.
  • Research the teams – Although the driver is the one to cross the finish line, it takes a team to get him there. Find out who else is on his team and dig into who has historically led their drivers to victory.
  • Follow the whole season – At the beginning of the year, drivers tend to go all out, but as November approaches, drivers will pull back to the level they need to make it to their desired position. Just like you have a strategy, they do too.

The more you follow the races, the more you’ll develop your own strategies. So start with these tips and bet from there!

FAQs regarding NASCAR betting in Arizona

Am I allowed to bet on NASCAR in Arizona?

Thanks to HB2772, passed in April 2021, you can now legally place sports bets in the state of Arizona.

How many sportsbooks should I sign up with?

We recommend signing up for more than just one. From race to race, you’ll find better odds on different sportsbooks and, generally, it’s wise to spread your bets out.

Is it better to bet online than in person?

Yes. Online sportsbooks are not only more convenient and safer, but they also offer perks and bonuses that can greatly boost your winnings.

Are prop bets real bets?

Yes! Even though you’re not betting on who wins the race, prop bets are still valid and recognized ways to bet on a NASCAR race.

What are the best bets for a newbie?

Seeing as you’re likely new to NASCAR betting, we recommend starting small. Stick to simple money line bets for now, and then begin exploring new options as you gain more experience.