Basketball betting Arizona

With the legalization of sports betting in Arizona, it’s never been a better time to start betting on basketball. In this quick guide to basketball betting in Arizona, we’ll cover basketball sportsbooks in AZ, basketball bets, and betting tips.

How to start Basketball betting in Arizona in 3 steps

Arizona offers numerous betting opportunities for basketball betting enthusiasts. You can join in on the fun and profits in just a few steps:

  • Select AZ sportsbooks for betting on basketball
  • Know your basketball betting lines
  • Master the tips and tricks

By following this guide, you can get started with basketball betting in Arizona today.

Best basketball betting in Arizona

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Basketball betting in Arizona


Choosing which Arizona baskeball sportsbooks to use is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make as a bettor. You can make the best basketball picks, but you’re still missing out if your Arizona online sportsbooks don’t provide:

  • Basketball betting lines that interest you
  • Competitive Basketball odds
  • Quick and secure financial transactions
  • Beneficial Basketball betting bonuses

Searching for Arizona sports betting sites yields numerous results to sift through. Trying to find the best basketball betting site for your basketball betting goals can be exhausting.

To help make your search easier, we’ve put together a list of our favorite sportsbooks for basketball betting in Arizona. These basketball sportsbooks offer competitive basketball odds on many basketball betting lines, great bonuses, and fast and safe transactions.

BetMGM Basketball betting

The world-renowned MGM brand offers basketball betting in Arizona through BetMGM. This sportsbook entices new users with a $600 insurance bonus bet and the ability to construct custom prop bets.

PointsBet Basketball sportsbook

PointsBet also boasts a wide selection of basketball prop bets, but its real draw is its PointsBetting feature. When you place a PointsBetting bet, you win more money when your basketball picks win by more points.

DraftKings Sportsbook Basketball odds

DraftKings Sportsbook’s distinguishing feature is its pool contests, in which bettors predict the results of multiple events. Arizona bettors can either join a DraftKings-created pool for free or create a custom pool just for their friends.

FanDuel Sportsbook Basketball lines

FanDuel Sportsbook provides one of the most visually appealing and user-friendly UIs on the market, enhancing the basketball betting experience. Additionally, FanDuel offers one of the best welcome bonuses available—an insurance bonus bet of up to $1,000.

William Hill Basketball betting

William Hill is one of the oldest sportsbooks on this list, established in England over 50 years ago. William Hill is an excellent choice for live bettors because they offer more live betting options than other basketball sportsbooks.

Know your AZ Basketball betting lines


There are all sorts of basketball bets you can make in Arizona. Having a good understanding of basketball betting lines allows you to pick the best wagers for every scenario.

Some basketball bets rely primarily on luck to get right, while others are more reliably predictable. Some kinds of bets tend to have long odds, while others have lower ones.

Having diverse wagers in your toolbox will enable you to maximize your profits from betting on basketball. Let’s dive into the different basketball betting lines you’ll find in Arizona.

Moneyline Basketball betting in Arizona

Moneyline bets are the most straightforward wagers to understand and place, making them great for newcomers to betting on basketball. For a moneyline bet, you wager on which team you think will win a basketball game.

A moneyline for Arizona vs. Arizona State might look like this:

  • Arizona Wildcats -210
  • Arizona State Sun Devils +175

Curious about what those numbers mean? The numbers represent the odds attached to each potential outcome. Higher odds indicate a less likely outcome, but a wager on these possibilities will provide a larger payout if successful.

Because the Wildcats have negative odds, they are the favorite. You would have to bet $210 on Arizona to receive just $100 when they win. Meanwhile, the Sun Devils’ positive odds indicate they are the underdog. If you win a $100 wager on Arizona State, you’ll win $175.

Point spread Basketball betting in Arizona

Point spreads involve predicting the margin of victory. Since you’ll also still pick a team to bet on, it also requires you to decide the winner accurately. Here’s what a Wildcats vs. Sun Devils point spread might look like:

  • Arizona Wildcats -4.5 -110
  • Arizona State Sun Devils +4.5 -110

Let’s break down how this point spread works.

If you bet on the Wildcats, then at the end of the game, Arizona loses 4.5 points. The Wildcats’ altered score would need to be higher than the Sun Devils’ original score for your bet to win. In other words, Arizona would have to win by at least 5 points for your wager to succeed.

Meanwhile, if you bet on Arizona State, the Sun Devils will gain 4.5 points after the game. Therefore, they can lose by as many as 4 points, and your bet can still win.

When betting on basketball spreads in Arizona, -110 are odds you’ll see often. basketball Sportsbooks generally consider either point spread outcome equally likely, so the odds are the same for both teams.

Totals Basketball betting in Arizona

Totals wagers are sometimes also called over/under bets. For these games, you’ll wager on whether a basketball game’s total score will be over or under the specified value.

For example, the over/under on an Arizona vs. Arizona State match may be 156 points. In this case, if you bet on over, the combined score after the game will need to exceed 156 points. Conversely, if you bet on under, the total final score will have to stay under 156 points to win.

Basketball prop bets in Arizona

Proposition, or prop, bets involve the occurrence or non-occurrence of events not directly tied to the game’s outcome. The quality of these bets varies wildly, as some of them may rely strongly on luck to get right. Let’s take a look at some common prop bet subjects:

  • Team or player to score first
  • Player to score the most points
  • Which team scores more in a specific quarter
  • Number of points scored by a player
  • Number of blocks or assists made by a player
  • Number of three-pointers scored by a team

Many basketball sportsbooks in Arizona offer a wide variety of prop bet options, but some also allow custom prop bets. If you’re a fan of prop bets, you’ll likely want to choose a sportsbook with that feature.

Futures Basketball betting in Arizona

Futures are outcomes determined by multiple games, like tournament champions. For example, you might bet on the following basketball futures:

  • The NBA Finals
  • NCAA March Madness
  • The Basketball Tournament

Generally, you can bet on futures at any time, although odds will fluctuate throughout the season and tournament.

Most of the time, the farther out you can predict basketball futures, the higher odds you’ll find. For example, you might find odds like these when March Madness is still about a year away:

  • Arizona Wildcats +5000
  • Arizona State Sun Devils +10000

Therefore, futures can be highly profitable… if you can get them right. The odds are so high because it’s so tricky to predict champions accurately so far in advance.

Basketball parlay bets in Arizona

Basketball parlay bets combine multiple wagers into one. To win the parlay, you’ll have to be correct on all counts. However, your extra risk-taking will reward you with significantly better odds than if you had made individual bets.

The problem with parlays is that it’s already quite the challenge to win a single bet. Correctly predicting two or more outcomes is even more difficult. That said, a carefully crafted Basketball parlay can still prove to be quite profitable.

Live Basketball betting in Arizona

Did you know it’s possible to continue betting on basketball after the game starts? Many Arizona basketball sportsbooks allow bettors to place live bets during basketball games.

Live betting provides bettors with several benefits. Fluctuating odds throughout the game mean that carefully timed bets can sometimes produce higher payouts than pre-game bets.

Unlike in other sports, in basketball, players can be swapped in and out right up until tip-off. Waiting to place your bets gives you a better knowledge of who will be on the court.

Additionally, live bettors have access to unique prop bets that only make sense live, like the next player to score. These live bets give Arizona bettors a dynamic, fast-paced way to use for Arizona online gambling.

Tips and tricks – Arizona Basketball betting


Perfecting your betting strategy takes time and practice, but you shouldn’t have to learn all the lessons the hard way. With these five basketball betting tips, you’ll have a sturdy foundation from which to build your basketball betting strategy.

Take advantage of AZ Basketball betting bonuses

High-quality Arizona basketball betting sites offer great bonuses for new and returning bettors. These can help jumpstart your basketball betting, but you’ll want to read the fine print. Some offers aren’t as good as they sound on closer inspection.

Some of the welcome bonuses Arizona basketball sportsbooks use to entice new bettors include:

  • Insurance bonus bets: Your sportsbook will refund your stake up to a certain amount if your first bet fails.
  • No-deposit bonuses: Some betting sites provide bonus bets just for creating an account on their website.
  • Deposit match bonuses: Your sportsbook will match a certain percentage of your first deposit up to a maximum amount.
  • Boosted odds: Betting sites occasionally offer enhanced odds on tournament bets and other popular events.

Many online betting sites in AZ also reward returning customers with reload bonuses, loyalty programs, friend referral programs, and contests.

Make a budget for Basketball betting in Arizona

It’s imperative to set limits on how much you’ll spend on basketball betting overall and each bet. Building a betting budget can help prevent you from overspending based on emotion. You can make your basketball betting budget in just two steps:

  1. Decide how much you’ll deposit in each of your sportsbooks. Remember to account for any deposit match bonuses you’ll receive.
  2. Decide how much you’ll spend on each bet. One method is to bet the same amount on every bet. For example, you might decide to bet 3% of your $100 budget each time, resulting in $3 wagers.

Keep an eye on Basketball lineup changes

As we mentioned before, basketball teams might change players right up until the game starts. These changes can dramatically alter the outcome of a game and your bets. Watching for lineup changes can help you decide which bets might bring you the most earnings.

Watch for signs of fatigue

Sometimes the tight basketball schedule begins to take a toll on the players. On a “circus road trip,” basketball teams fly across the country to pack two long-distance games into three days.

Additionally, you’ll want to pay attention to how many minutes star players have played in recent games. On nights with back-to-back games, coaches will carefully manage how long these players stay in the match to prevent fatigue.

Don’t bet on the AZ Basketball favorites

The well-known teams and players generally attract the most bettors. While they are beloved for a reason, they don’t win every game. basketball sportsbooks know people like to bet the favorites and set their odds accordingly to help maximize their profits.

It’s also a good idea not to bet your favorite, at least not every time. Betting on your favorite team can lead to betting with your heart instead of your head. This possibility doesn’t mean you should never back your favorite team, but you should be cautious.

FAQ’s About Basketball betting Arizona

Is betting on Basketball online safe in Arizona?

As long as you choose your basketball sportsbooks wisely, basketball betting in Arizona is safe. We recommend using the AZ online betting sites from this guide, which we’ve thoroughly vetted for safety and quality.

Can I bet on Basketball on my phone in Arizona?

Yes, most high-quality basketball sportsbooks offer apps for Android and iOS devices. You’ll need to enable geolocation features on your device to verify your Arizona location.

Do AZ sportsbooks offer Basketball live streaming?

Many sportsbooks allow you to live stream basketball games at no extra cost, but there’s a catch. Usually, you have to have an active bet on the game.

How can I sign up for Arizona basketball sportsbooks?

To make an account, go to the sportsbook’s website or download their app and follow the sign-up process there. Be prepared to verify your identity with some photo ID, like a passport or driver’s license.

How long do Arizona sportsbooks take to payout earnings?

Specifics vary depending on the sportsbook, but you should have money in your account within a week of your request. Some sportsbooks may take longer, but they probably aren’t worth your time.