Teaser betting Arizona

On this page, you will get the answer to the question ‘what is a teaser bet?’. We also want to cover the pros and cons of Teaser betting Arizona.

All about Teaser betting, Arizona

Teaser betting Arizona is ideal for those that love the idea of parlay bets but do not love the idea of big risks. Teaser bets allow you to combine multiple point spread bets and move the point difference in your favor.

This allows the gambler to increase their odds of winning the Teaser while sacrificing decent odds. Teaser betting is highly recommended for new gamblers.

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What is teaser betting in Arizona?


First things first, what is a teaser bet?

Well, if you have heard of parlay bets, then it is the same principle. A teaser bet is a single bet formed of multiple betting lines. You need each of these betting lines to be a winner to see a payout from the bet.

They do have a couple of differences from your standard parlay, though.

Only works for certain betting markets

Teaser bets only apply to the following two betting markets:

  • Point spreads
  • Totals

You will only be able to include one of these betting markets on your Teaser bet, too i.e. you won’t be able to have a teaser bet that covers both points spreads and totals.

Can change the risk of the bet

This is one of the main reasons why people are attracted to the idea of teaser betting.

With your standard point spread and total bets, you have to listen to what the sportsbook tells you. Their terms are set in stone. If the point spread is -7.5 for the favorite, then you have to live with that. Teaser betting is where you can take charge.

With teaser betting, you can change the terms of the bet. This is through points movement. You can normally move the point spread by 4 to 10 points. So, let’s say you were looking to build a 6-point teaser with the following point spread bets:

  • Favorite has a point spread of -7.5
  • The underdog in a different game has a point spread of +3.5

With a 6-point spread, you would add six points to the spread. So, the bet now becomes:

  • Match 1 favorite becomes -1.5
  • Match 2 underdog becomes +8.5

As you can see, the chances of you winning that bet have now shot all the way up.

Any points movement that you choose will apply to all lines in the bet i.e. you can’t have one line with a movement of 7 and another with 4.

Guide to Teaser Betting in Arizona


Teaser bets only work in games that tend to have a high final score. This means that you will find teaser bets available for sports like basketball and football. It is highly unlikely that you will find teaser bets available for soccer and hockey. Because, while point spreads are available, it is unlikely that there will be a massive difference between the scores of the teams. If you had a teaser, it would be a virtually guaranteed win. Arizona online sportsbooks do not want to hand out guaranteed wins.

What is a reverse teaser in Arizona?

You may also find these referred to as pleasers. Although, you will likely not find them at many Arizona online gambling sites. It isn’t really something that has broken into the online gambling world quite yet.

A reverse teaser is like a standard teaser bet. However, as the name suggests, it is the opposite. Rather than choosing a point movement that is in your favor, you are choosing to make things more difficult for you. These can be some of the riskier bets that you can place.

The pros of Teaser betting Arizona

For both the pros and cons of teaser betting sections, we do want to point out that we are only going to be looking at normal teasers. Since reverse teasers can be tougher to find at sportsbooks in the state, there is no sense in sharing a wealth of information on how those work.

Let’s start with the pros of teaser betting, shall we?

Less risky than parlay bets

In our opinion, teaser betting is a great way for newcomers to explore the world of parlay bets without a lot of risk being involved. Obviously, you can still lose a teaser bet. However, if you put in your research, we reckon that you would be losing a lot less frequently than if you dedicated yourself to parlays.

Better odds than standard point spreads or totals bets

An individual bet in a teaser bet wouldn’t give you better betting odds than a single bet. However, when you combine multiple betting lines (preferably 3-5), you will find that the payout is a lot better than placing individual point spreads or total bets.

If you carry out your research and choose the movement of the right point, you will find that you can get some decent returns from teaser betting.

Customizable betting

We just love customizable bets. We love being able to control the risk of our bets. You could switch that points movement up to the maximum and win bets to build your bankroll. You could switch the points movement down on another bet to take a bit of a risk to make some gains.

Easy to research

Because you are only focusing on one type of betting market, research becomes a little bit more focused. For example, once you know the average number of points a team wins or loses by, then teaser bets become easier to make.

The cons of Teaser betting Arizona


We love teaser betting. However, we will be the first to admit that there are a few downsides to betting teasers. So, we want to share a few of them with you. But, don’t let them put you off. Teaser betting Arizona is still dreadfully exciting. However, there is a chance that it may not be for everybody.

Riskier than standard point spreads

Since you need to combine multiple bets into a single bet, the risk is much higher. For example, if you placed 5 individual point spread bets and only 3 were winners, you would still earn some cash. If you combined these 5 bets into a teaser bet and only 3 were winners, you would walk away with nothing.

Can be boring

Because teaser betting will only be available for a limited number of sports and only involves certain betting markets, it can be a bit boring. At least with a parlay, you would be able to combine multiple betting markets into a single bet. Here, you have to choose between point spreads and totals.

Odds not as good as a parlay

Because you are drastically cutting the risk of the bet, the payout is going to be nowhere near as high as if you had just parlayed them. Therefore, if you believe that you have several betting lines that you reckon could come through without turning them into a teaser bet, why not just take the risk and put them on a parlay instead?

The best Arizona sportsbooks for teaser betting


A couple of the more popular American sports really lend themselves to the idea of teaser betting. As a result, there are a lot of sites that offer teaser bets in some form.

In our experience, some sportsbooks in Arizona do things a little bit better than the others, though. We gamble a lot, and there are eight sites that we spend a bit of our time at.

If you are interested in teaser betting, then we suggest that you get signed up to 2-3 of these. This way, you will always be able to enjoy the best betting odds when you are compiling a bet:

  • BetMGM
  • Caesars Sports
  • William Hill
  • Fanduel
  • Draftkings
  • Bally Bet
  • WynnBET Sportsbook
  • Unibet

FAQ’s About Teaser betting Arizona

Do all sportsbooks offer reverse teaser betting?

No. It is rare. Most sportsbooks are only going to stick to the traditional teaser bets.

Is Teaser betting Arizona ideal for new gamblers?

Yes. It is actually a great way for new gamblers to dabble in parlay betting without taking on board a ton of risk. Although, you will still need to carry out your research.

Can you combine a teaser bet with a standard parlay bet?

No. They are two different ways of betting. While they are functionally similar, they cannot be combined into a single bet.

Can you use betting insurance bonuses on teaser bets?

In most cases, no. Because teaser bets do not carry huge amounts of risk, most sportsbooks will not allow you to apply any insurance bonuses that you have to them. Of course, you can always check the terms and conditions to be sure, but it is rare.

What are the most popular sports for teaser betting in Arizona?

Teaser bets can be applied to most sports that tend to have high scores. However, betting on the NFL and NBA seems to attract the most people that are interested in teaser sports betting.