Football betting Arizona

Football betting in Arizona is now more accessible than ever. A bettor can choose between a wide variety of betting options at their fingertips. Our comprehensive guide will show you the ins and outs of football betting in AZ, hassle-free.

How to bet on Football in Arizona

Whether you’re a newbie who’s dipping their toes or a seasoned bettor who is looking to brush up on their knowledge, this guide is for you. We’ll take you through the basics of football betting, how to bet on football in Arizona and choose the best sportsbook. Also, which mistakes to avoid, and football betting tips to be an all-around better bettor.

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Betting on Football in Arizona


Every year, Football beats its competitors as the most-followed sport in America. As a result, millions of sports wagers are placed every day, and the vast majority of these wagers come from football betting.

The same thing is happening in the Grand Canyon State, as Arizona online gambling is now legal and growing in popularity. Betting can occur in different settings, with wagers ranging from a dollar to the millions. As a result, any Arizonian with a dream and some passion can now partake in NCAAF betting in Arizona without reservations.

Why bet on Football in Arizona?

Today, novices and professionals alike can place their football bets in AZ with security and ease. Football betting in AZ is a fresh, new scene, making it the best place to get involved before the bandwagon goes. Think of it like investing in a company before it goes public – you’re the pioneer!

In the scheme of sports, betting on Football also gives the bettor a wide arrange of betting options. This means you’ll have more of a say in the risks you take and the winnings you make!

Football sportsbooks Arizona


You wouldn’t buy a shirt without reading the tag size, so you shouldn’t place a bet without reading the fine print. It’s important to be well-informed about the risks before deciding to bet with football sportsbooks in Arizona.

Football betting sportsbooks AZ

Football sportsbooks betting in Arizona is putting money on the line. Even the best bettors have had a day where some of that money was lost. It’s important to internalize the fact that placing a bet, no matter your confidence, holds a risk for loss.

The best way to face this reality is to only bet with money you can afford to lose. It’s vital to set a budget and manage your betting account vigorously. Set predetermined amounts as to how much you can stake on any wager.

The lure of betting on Football sportsbooks in AZ

Football betting has captured the attention of millions of individuals. However, it doesn’t take a genius to know that anything fun enough bares the danger of becoming addictive. Know your personality and set boundaries to ensure you continue betting securely.

Football sportsbooks where to bet in AZ

There are two main ways you can bet on football sportsbooks in Arizona. The first and most popular option is football betting online via a smartphone or computer.

Another possibility would be certain brick-and-mortar zones that are looking to pair up with AZ football sportsbooks. However, since the football betting scene in Arizona is newer, this option is still developing.

Betting on Football online in AZ

You’re now able to place your bets from the comfort of your own home or on the go. Simply use one of the many legal football betting sites in AZ, such as the sportsbooks we mention on this page. You can check out the football betting odds, place your wages, and collect your winnings with the push of a few buttons. Betting has never been easier!

Choosing a Football sportsbook in AZ


Arizona now offers a large menu when it comes to choosing the best sportsbook. These are the legal and up-to-date websites available for sports betting. You’ll want to do some investigating before deciding which one you’ll put your money into.

You may even utilize multiple football Arizona sports betting sites to gain the most from your betting experience. Consider the following when deciding: security, speed, self-sufficient, satisfaction.

Safe football sportsbooks Arizona

A Safe football sportsbook will be the middle-man between yourself and your wagers. You want to ensure that your middle-man is honest and protective of your financial information. Luckily, there are countless in-depth reviews of top football sportsbooks Arizona to help you gain the insight you need while choosing.


A watched pot never boils, and a slow website never loads. So your football sportsbook will need to have the capacity to load pages quickly enough so that you can place your bets and stay up-to-date without falling behind.


Your sportsbook of choice should not only be a place to bet; it should have a library of additional information to lead you along the way, as well as a community to be a part of. All of these aspects should be aesthetically and efficiently located on their website. If you wanted a puzzle of information, you would have just done the crossword.


Without the bettor, there is no sportsbook. Don’t let them forget that! The best football sportsbooks should have a customer satisfaction guarantee. If there’s an error with your account or your wagers, make sure you can reach out to a staff member for support and solutions.

Understanding the Football betting odds

Without understanding the odds, you might as well be betting blindly. Odds inform you how much you can win depending on your stake and how probable it is that a certain outcome will happen. Typically, the higher the odds, the less probable, and vice versa.

Odds can be read in different ways, such as decimals, fractions, or Moneylines. In addition, different football sportsbooks use different formats, so make sure to understand how to read each one.

Your wager will be labeled as either “odds on” or “odds off.” The former shows that you could win less than you bet. The latter states you can win more than how much you staked.

Best sportsbooks for Football betting in Arizona


Now that you know what to look for in the best football sportsbook in Arizona, it’s time to decide which one seems best for you. But, of course, everyone has different preferences when it comes to their betting options. So in case you see never-ending lists of options, here are our top 5 football sportsbook picks in AZ.

Fanduel football sportsbook betting

Fanduel offers a great, streamlined option for betting on your phone. This multi-state app is known for great payout percentages on football spreads.

BetMGM football betting odds

BetMGM offers great initial offers for new users. In addition, their payout system is fast and reliable to ensure your winnings are in your pocket before you know it.

Pointsbet football sportsbook bets

Pointsbet is a trustworthy sportsbook brand that had a growing audience. They utilize a simplistic interface that gives to-the-point information and explanations for any bet. This is a great tool for new bettors.

Draftkings football betting lines

Draftkings has long held a spot as one of the top football sportsbook sites across the U.S. They pose excellent odds pricing and customer support for all users.

William Hill football online betting

William Hill prides itself on its easy-to-use app. Their modernized system is easy on the eyes, and if you run into any problems, you’ll be happy to have the support of their great customer service team.

Types of bets to place on Football in Arizona


You’ve learned about the game, the risks, and the betting options. Now it’s time to decide which odds and bets you want to place. While there are more than what’s covered, we’ve broken down the top 5 football bets you can make in AZ.

Point spreads

As the most widely used type to use when you want to, for example, start your NFL betting in Arizona career, this is a bet on the margin of victory. The perceived favorite team is signaled (-) while the underdog is (+). The favorite team will need to win by more than the point spread for their bettors to win. The underdogs need to lose by less than the point spread or win the game for their bettors to win.


Moneyline wagers are often the simplest way to bet on sports. In fact, you have probably made a few Moneyline bets verbally without even knowing it! For this bet, you need to choose the player or team you believe will win. While there is no point spread, you tend to win more if you bet on the underdog.


This wager requires you to pick at least two winning teams for distinct games. While the odds in your favor lower, the payout increases exponentially if your bet proves accurate.


Teasers are the cousins of parlay bets. The bettor must host a series of bets. All bets in the series must win to collect a payout. The bonus here is that the bettor can shift the football betting lines 6-7 points in either direction. This allows the bettor to lower the risk.


Futures are exactly what their name implies – placing your wager on future bets. Sometimes they are also called outright bets. In this case, you can put money on your favorite team all the way and start your Super Bowl betting in Arizona.

How to make your Football picks in AZ

This part of betting is often the most intimidating, especially for novices. The important thing is to dip your toes before nosediving. You’ll need to gather as much information as you can before you bet. Then, once you feel confident in a certain team or player, you can choose which bet to wager on.

Remember that you shouldn’t bet on a team only because they are your childhood favorite. Instead, try to remain impartial and stick to the facts in front of you. If you’re new to football betting in AZ, skip the complicated bets and aim for the simpler ones to start. We recommend moneylines or point spreads.

Betting gets the blood pumping, and it’s no wonder bettors keep coming back for more. In the beginning, this may feel overwhelming. However, it’s important not to let the atmosphere change your decisions on your bets. Planned out bets are usually your best idea.

Arizona football betting is legal


Sports betting has been going on since the time of the Roman Empire. While the sports involved have changed, the thrill of betting continues.

Arizona had failed to legalize sports betting in the past with the denial of both a House bill and a Senate bill. Luckily, the test of time made headway, and Arizona finally accepted a new bill that legalized sports betting for all of its citizens to enjoy.

Not only does sports betting create an exciting atmosphere for participants and players alike, but it is a large contributor to the global economy, moving billions of dollars every year.

Summary football bets AZ

You’ve learned about the basics of football betting in Arizona. You then analyzed which qualities make for a good sportsbook. Finally, you’ve reviewed the basic types of football bets and how to understand the odds and selections. You’ve reached the end of our guide, and you’re now onto the next step… get out there and place your bet!

FAQ’s About Football betting in Arizona

Can I make real money bets on Football in Arizona?

It is possible to win a profit from football betting in AZ. What’s important to remember is that this isn’t the same as never losing – even professional bettors lose wagers sometimes. Knowledge is your secret weapon; use it consistently, and you will have the best chance at increasing your payout.

What about fantasy football betting?

Fantasy football sports betting has recently become legal in Arizona, much like online  betting. You can avoid managing odds and instead create your own team to “play” during the football season. Many Arizona football sportsbooks offer fantasy sports betting.

How much money should I bet on Football in AZ?

This answer depends on your personality and your lifestyle. Take an afternoon and crunch some numbers. Decide how much you can afford to wager. Many bettors begin lower than that number and then increase their amounts once they gain more confidence.

Which bets should I make?

If you’re new to football betting in AZ, start simple. Moneyline and point spread bets are easier to follow and set up than parlays or teasers. Futures are also basic, but the probability of success is not as high. Once informed, you can research alternatives, such as over/under bets.

What is a point spread?

A point spread shows which team is favored and by how many points. These points determine by how much the favorite team must win to favor its bettors.