PGA Masters betting Arizona

Learn how PGA Masters betting in Arizona works in 2022. Discover the best sportsbooks, how to read betting odds, and selecting the right Masters betting picks for your skill.

Guide to getting started with PGA Masters betting Arizona

Now that PGA Masters betting Arizona is completely legal, lots of people may be somewhat confused about how they can start placing their Masters bets online. Thankfully, it is easy. It all comes down to choosing the right sportsbook. If you have the right sportsbook, then everything else will just fall into place. After that, it is a case of understanding the various Masters betting picks that you have at your disposal and, perhaps more importantly, getting in on the action at the right betting odds.

Top list Masters betting AZ

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Best Arizona sportsbooks for Masters betting


Before you can start looking at PGA golf odds in Arizona, you are going to need a site where you can place your bets. Rather than bore you with a ton of information on how you can track down the best  Masters betting sites in Arizona, we are just going to make things easy for you. We want to share the golf betting sites in AZ that we gamble at. These picks have come through a ton of research on our part, so you can trust this info:

  • Unibet
  • WynnBET Sportsbook
  • BetMGM
  • William Hill
  • Draftkings
  • Fanduel
  • Caesars Sports
  • Bally Bet

It is important that you do not just pick the first sportsbook on this list and stick around. While they are all brilliant sites, they each offer something a little bit different for punters. This could be different betting odds or betting markets.

Therefore, try and check out as many of them as you can. If you are planning on gambling several hundred dollars over the course of the Masters, you may even want to register for multiple sportsbooks.

Registering for Arizona sportsbooks for Masters betting


There are a few things that you will need to know if you want to gamble at a sportsbook in Arizona:

  • You will need to be physically located in Arizona when you make your betting pick.
  • You will need an ID to prove who you are. This will need to be scanned/photographed and sent to the sportsbook.

We advise you to pay attention during the sign-up process. The AZ online sports betting site is going to ask you a lot of questions. Some of the stuff will be simple to answer e.g. your name, address, etc. However, with some sportsbooks, you may be asked if you want to register for any bonuses. If you do not say yes, you will not be able to claim those welcome bonuses. Of course, if you do not want the welcome bonus, and we know that there are some people that don’t, you can give that part a skip.

PGA Masters sportsbooks Arizona


You can’t gamble without money. This means that you are going to need to load some cash into your account. Of course, every single sportsbook is going to be different here. This means that we are not going to be able to give you a complete guide to loading up your account, but let’s give you an overview of some of the things that you should be thinking about.

Depositing money to gamble on the Masters

Firstly, you will need to think about the money that you have available to gamble with. This is your PGA Masters bankroll. We know that you are going to be putting in a ton of effort to make the right betting picks, but you still need to consider the idea that the bet could lose. Only deposit cash that you would be fine never seeing again.

Keep an eye out for the sportsbook to have a ‘cashier’ link somewhere on the site. Deposit using your preferred payment method, and the cash will likely be available instantly.

Withdrawing your winnings

If you are lucky enough to win your PGA Masters bets, then head to the cashier location again. Select withdraw and your withdrawal method. Sadly, this won’t be instant. The Arizona online gambling site does have to carry out some checks. In most cases, withdrawing your winnings will take 3-7 working days.

How to read PGA Masters betting odds in Arizona


Now your account has been loaded up with some cash. You are probably going to want to make a beeline to the betting odds. Before you place your bet, you should probably know how to read PGA Masters betting odds, though. Thankfully, it can pretty much be summed up into two lines:

  • If you see a – you are looking at the PGA Masters favorite market
  • If you see a + you are looking at the underdog

The greater the number that follows, the more of a favorite/underdog that particular bet is. This means that it should be dead simple for you to compare between various betting options.

How to choose the right market for Masters betting Arizona

While we wish it could be as simple as choosing some odds and placing your bet, it isn’t. First, you need to know what you are actually betting on. These are your betting markets. There will be a few PGA Masters betting markets available. So, we want to try and break these down into three categories. This way, you can find the bet that matches your experience with golf.

Beginner PGA Masters bets

For beginners, there are two bets that we would recommend. The first is a place bet. This will be you betting on a specific golfer to finish within a range of positions. This will normally be the first 10 positions but check the sportsbook.

We also feel as if round leaders would also be a good choice. Again, this is because it is easier to predict how the round leaders list will change than betting on the overall winning of the Masters.

Intermediate Masters bets

Intermediate bets can cover betting on who you feel will win the overall PGA Masters tournament. Tricky to win due to the number of golfers on the roster, but there should always be a few clear favorites.

Head-to-head bets are also another firm favorite among intermediate gamblers. This is where the bet only considers a group of golfers. You are betting on which one of them finishes the Masters in the highest position.

Advanced Masters bets

Prop bets are for advanced gamblers. These require an understanding of golf, the course, and the golfers. Prop bets cover anything that doesn’t include the position of golfers. These are common PGA Masters prop bets:

  • How many golfers will land in the bunker on a certain hole?
  • Whether a certain golfer will land in the water at any point.
  • Whether a particular golfer will go over par on more than a few holes

These bets can vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, which is another reason why you should be looking at as many as possible.

Placing your bet for Masters betting Arizona


The final step is actually placing your bet, so we have a few parting words for you here.


Always research every bet that you place. Don’t just bet from a glance at the odds and what you ‘think’ is going to happen, you need to know what is likely to happen. Read betting tips, golf news, pay attention to the weather, etc.

Check your winnings

Whenever you add a bet to your betting slip, check the slip. This will tell you how much you could win from your stake. Then, weigh up whether that bet is worth it.

Analyze the risk

We all have our own ideas when it comes to taking risks. Some are more likely to take risky bets than others. This is why you need to establish your level of risk early on.

However, we do encourage you not to take risks for the sake of taking risks. Even if a bet has crazy long odds unless you can find some reason to justify that bet, don’t place it.

FAQs on PGA Masters betting in AZ

When do the markets for golf Masters betting in Arizona open up?

Normally a few weeks before the tournament starts. However, you may want to wait until the days before. This way, you can research your bets properly before you place them.

Can you live bet on the Masters in Arizona?

Yes, you can. However, do bear in mind that not all sportsbooks are going to offer live betting. Those that do may offer a limited selection of betting markets.

Do all sportsbooks offer the same PGA Masters odds?

No. If you are planning on placing a hefty bet, then we suggest that you check out multiple sportsbooks if you want to enjoy the best gambling odds.

Are betting bonuses available for PGA Masters betting in Arizona?

Yes. There may even be specific betting bonuses available for the Masters. Check the terms and conditions of any bonus that you are entitled to if you want to be sure.

Is there a minimum stake for Masters betting in Arizona?

Not normally, not. Some sportsbooks may have minimum bets. However, in most cases, you can bet for as little as a few cents. You wouldn’t win much like that, though.