Over/Under betting Arizona

At first blush, over/under betting in Arizona look pretty simple to pull off. When you look a little closer, though, it becomes immediately apparent just how important strategy is. Betting strategy plays a huge role in winning these kinds of bets on a more consistent basis. The inside information in this guide can help. You’ll become a smarter bettor when playing over/under odds with online sportsbooks in Arizona by the time you’re done.

Quick overview of Over/Under betting in AZ

There are a couple of things we are going to cover in this detailed guide, including:

  • The fundamentals of over/under Arizona betting
  • A handful of secrets from the smartest sports bettors in the country that live and breathe over/under odds
  • And a deeper dive into how to place the right bets with the right sportsbooks to hit homerun after homerun

Let’s not waste any more time, though.

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Best Over/Under betting in Arizona


The over/under sports betting market is red-hot all year round. A big part of that is because (almost) every single sporting event offers this kind of betting action.

These bets are pretty simple and straightforward to understand. All you have to do is decide whether or not more or fewer points will be scored than what a sportsbook sets the total for. That’s really it. That’s all there is! It doesn’t get a whole lot easier than this (aside from maybe Moneyline wagers).

At the same time, though, a couple of different factors play a role in how points get scored in sports today. So you’ll have to be savvy and strategic about the kinds of wagers you place and when. You’ll definitely need to do some research and due diligence to make the right pics with over under Arizona betting action.

Just remember

Just remember, though, that in the world of over/under Arizona betting action, there are only two possible outcomes: Either more points are going to be scored than what the book established, or fewer points are going totally up. That’s it.

Sure, a “push” is possible. However, most Arizona sports betting sites have eliminated the potential for a push to happen by offering fractional scores and totals (30.5 versus just 30 total points scored). They’ve done this to guarantee that pushes happen a lot less frequently these days.

In the event that a push does occur, though, you’ll be refunded your money on your wager. It will be as though the bet never took place.

Secrets for smart Over/Under betting in Arizona


Now that we’ve squared away the basics and over/under bet, let’s go a little deeper. Let’s get into more specific secret strategies, tips, and tactics that can help you make smarter wagers moving forward.

Understand the sport you are betting

For starters, try to bet only on the over/under on sports and teams that you already know well.

For example, if you are a big football fan, you’ll want to stick to FanDuel over/under instead of jumping into baseball. That’s doubly true if you don’t watch a lot of Arizona Diamondbacks games but have never missed a Cardinals game!

The reason is pretty simple: If you don’t have a good feel for how many points a specific team could score at any one particular point in time, how can you know whether the over or the under is most likely to hit?

With soccer, for example, the over/under is regularly set at 1.5 or 2.5 goals scored. Someone that doesn’t have a lot of experience watching soccer might think that’s a crazy low score for a total. They are likely to bet the over all the time.

Someone that watches soccer a little more often realizes that scoring three goals in a game can be pretty rare. So they know to hammer the under as often as they can with these kinds of odds. Stick to what you know (at least at first).

Learn to beat the odds and movement on the lines

It’s usually important to watch the movement on over/under betting odds and lines, too.

You need to know what the odds start off as and how these lines shift. That lets you know how sports bettors are betting a game. But it also lets you know how bookies feel about the money that’s coming in on one side of the line or the other.

Lines are going to shift at any one particular point in time, sometimes with no predictability whatsoever. All movement is based on inside information that oddsmakers have. Remember, they are setting the line and making the over/under example, to begin with!

Some of the things that can cause bookies to adjust lines include:

  • News about the upcoming game
  • Injury list updates
  • The potential performance of superstars (or them missing a game)
  • Coaching performance in the recent past
  • How different defenses and offenses stack up against each other

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Arizona sportsbooks even pay attention to things like the wind and weather predictions for upcoming games to decide how to set lines!

Combine this with the fact that sportsbooks are always looking to find ways to make money no matter what. So they want to protect their downside, stacking the deck in their favor as much as possible.

Totals and over/under bets might look like a 50/50 pick, but that’s very rarely what the odds look like when you look a little closer. So do your research before you put money down on either side.

Line shopping is a big piece of the puzzle

It’s always a good idea to shop lines across a couple of different Arizona online gambling sites. This is the only way to guarantee you get the best odds at the best value possible.

Sure, most sportsbooks offer competitive odds that are in line with industry standards. But not all of them offer as much value as the others. Sometimes one book has changed based on news, and another hasn’t. That can open up a world of opportunity and value for over/under bets that get locked in before any adjustment is made.

This is why it’s a good idea to create an account on a handful of sportsbooks for over/under Arizona action. Check out these top options for sure:

  • Bally Bet
  • Bet MGM
  • Caesars Sports
  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • Unibet
  • William Hill
  • WynnBET Sportsbook

Handicapping over/under bets in Arizona


Handicapping over/under/under Arizona wager options is a different animal than breaking down most bets.

It’s not enough to look at game film, analyze matchups, and snoop around for an edge to find the potential winner. No, serious handicappers also want to look back to see how a team has performed against totals recently.

For example, if you are in the middle of the NBA season, you’ll want to look at how the Phoenix Suns have performed compared to the over/under odds throughout this season.

  • How many times have they beaten the over?
  • How many times have they come in with the under?
  • Does this happen at home games?
  • Does it happen while away?

On top of that, it’s also important to look at the last week or 10 days of games to see how a team is performing recently. Some teams start off the season red-hot, knocking down competitors before fizzling out and losing their steam.

Others are slow to wake up but finish strong, dominating later in the season as other previously potent teams find themselves running out of gas. You’re looking for obvious trends and outliers when comparing against historical totals performance.

Follow the trends

For example, if the Suns have hit the over 15 times this season and the under only 3 times, the chances are good they’re going to keep hitting the over. So you can bet the over pretty confidently. At least until the trend reverses, anyway.

The whole idea here is to find as many inefficiencies in the over/under bet market as possible. That’s how you give yourself even just the tiniest edge against the house.

The house will always stack the deck in their favor. But by hunting down these inefficiencies, you’re able to tilt the scales just a bit in your direction. Sometimes that makes all the difference in the world!

FAQ’s About Over/Under betting Arizona

How much can I win betting over/under wagers?

Every over/under wager will let you know how much you’ll win based on the amount that has been wagered. The industry standard over/under odds are pegged at -110, though.

How do sportsbooks set over/under odds?

Sportsbooks have their own unique formulas to handicap their games. Often they have full-time staff working double overtime to try and break down games to find an edge.
On top of all the analytics they crunch, sportsbooks also pay attention to the kind of money that comes flowing in. So they’ll adjust lines on the fly according to that, especially towards game time.
At the end of the day, the sportsbook wants to even things out as much as possible so that they come out winners no matter what.

Why are over/under odds set with .5 points?

The overwhelming majority of over/under betting options are going to have totals that end in .5 points. That’s not a mistake. This is done to avoid the “push” stemming from a potential tie. This is why you’ll see Arizona Cardinal versus Seattle Seahawks over/under games sitting at 44.5 points sometimes. This means the over wins if 45 points or more are scored, and the under wins if 44 points or less are scored.

What happens if there’s a push?

A push happens if a book sets a score at a round number, say 45 points as opposed to 44.5 points, and then the final total adds up to that number exactly. For example, let’s say that the Cardinals versus Seahawks game ends up a 24 to 21 affair. This would mean that 45 total points were scored. While that would have been enough to hit the over if the book had pegged it at 44.5 points, it becomes a push if they set it at 45. No one wins, and money wagered on either side is returned.

Can you parlay over/under bets?

Over/under bets can be rolled into parlay action by those that are willing to live a little dangerously. These wagers aren’t quite as easy to predict as moneyline wagers might be. This is because of the extra risk they bring to the table. But, at the same time, they usually send parlay payouts to the moon!