World Series betting Arizona

There’s nothing like betting on the October Classic, the championship title series for major league baseball – the World Series! At the same time, pulling off successful World Series betting Arizona strategies can be a bit more challenging than you expect. That’s why we’ve put together this detailed breakdown.

Guide to betting on the World Series in AZ

In this quick guide, we are going to cover (almost) everything you need to know about World Series betting. We are going to go over things like:

  • How to bet the Moneyline, the run line, totals, and more
  • How betting the World Series is different than betting baseball in the regular season
  • How to find the right sportsbook to get your World Series bets in

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World Series sportsbook odds AZ


Finding the right sportsbook is a big piece of the puzzle, no matter what kind of World Series or other event betting action you’re looking for.

Shopping around for the best odds (looking for great World Series betting line action not available elsewhere) can be the difference between tons of profit and crippling losses. It’s all about timing, and it’s all about doing your research.

At the same time, shopping for great lines from less than legitimate World Series sportsbooks AZ is a bad approach, too. Stick to World series sportsbooks AZ that you know you can trust. Reliable, reputable World Series sportsbooks in Arizona that are 100% on the up and up.

The Arizona online sportsbooks offer great promos and bonuses, smooth banking options, and plenty of betting opportunities. However, they should also have up-to-date odds that are competitive and perfectly in line with the industry.

They don’t have to match every other sportsbook (and rarely will), but they should be in the same ballpark – no pun intended! To help hit the ground running with a quality World series sportsbook choice for World Series betting Arizona action, check out these top contenders:

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World Series betting in Arizona


It’s important to highlight a couple of core basics before we get into the meat and potatoes of World Series betting.

Understand these fundamentals, and you’ll be a much better World Series betting in Arizona than you would have been before. It won’t be long until you are cashing doodle bet slips left and right on World Series games!

World Series Moneylines AZ

Perfect for newbies, the moneyline is the simplest and most straightforward kind of bet you can go with in baseball. All you have to do is pick who you think is going to win the World Series (or a single game in the series). That’s it. That’s all there is to it!

Even better, quality World Series betting sportsbooks let you know for the favorite and the underdog are. Any team with a (-) next to their name is the favorite. And any team with a (+) next to their name is the underdog.

This gives you a great idea of who each sportsbook thinks is going to come out on top of a contest and who they think will lose. Obviously, they don’t always get this right. But you should have a better idea of how you want to bet by looking at moneyline odds.

For example, there might be a World Series moneyline that looks like this:

Arizona Diamondbacks (-130)

Oakland Athletics (+240)

This lets you know that the Diamondbacks are the favorite to win the World Series, and by a decent amount. The Athletics would pay out more for each $100 wager, though, if they were able to hit the upset.

World Series Run line Arizona

Think of the run line as the baseball equivalent of the point spread.

Before every game, one team is given a 1.5 run advantage over the other to establish a more even betting field. The underdog usually gets this 1.5 run advantage tacked to their name, with -1.5 runs “deducted” from the favorite.

For the Diamondbacks to cover the run line in our example above, they would have to win by 1.5 runs. For the Athletics to cover, they’d have to win outright or lose by less than 1.5 runs.

World Series Totals in AZ

Totals betting (the World Series or during the regular season, it makes no difference) is really straightforward, too.

A sportsbook decides how many runs they think will be scored in a single game by both teams combined. So if the Diamondbacks scored seven runs and the Athletics scored four, the total would be 11.

World Series Sportsbooks AZ might set the total for a World Series game at 10.5, for example. So those that bet the over with our Diamondbacks and Athletics example would cover!

Betting the World Series AZ


A couple of things make World Series betting Arizona action a little bit different from betting the regular season. First, you need to know exactly what you are getting into when putting money on the line.

Seven game series

For starters, unlike the regular season, where baseball series are either three or four-game affairs, the World Series is a seven-game series every time. That’s going to have a huge impact if you are betting overall totals, betting how many games a team will win, or betting on each individual game.

Harder to predict

When you get down to the last two teams left standing at the end of the season, you have a real dogfight on your hands.

Both of these teams are going to be incredibly motivated to win. Both of them are going to “empty the tank.” Both of them are going to have all kinds of emotion and energy that ebbs and flows.

These kinds of games are particularly difficult to handicap. So picking a winner really requires some real research and a little bit of luck.

Pitching really matters

At the same time, if you want “sure thing” advice when MLB World Series betting, it’s this: Always trust the team that has better pitching.

Better starting pitching gives teams a huge advantage right out of the gate, but better bullpens are often even more advantageous. Sometimes starters “get hot” out of nowhere, but it’s rare for bullpens to turn it on and off.

If you are having a tough time picking different odds on MLB playoffs action, go with a team that has the better bullpen.

Homefield makes a world of difference

Homefield advantage also makes a world of difference with the MLB betting playoffs.

For starters, the crowd always gives their hometown team a bit of a boost. The stats show that (most) playoff-bound teams do better at home than they do away. This is especially true when teams like the Diamondbacks in Arizona are playing teams out east (like the Yankees or the Red Sox).

Not having to travel but being able to sleep in their own bets does a world of good for players. On top of that, though, the home team gets to bet last. They are always up at the bottom of the ninth, always have another chance to score runs, and always have a chance to extend the game. That can make a world of difference, too.

Be careful with parlays

Because World Series betting line action is so unpredictable, and parlays are difficult bets to place on the World Series because the momentum can shift and swing at any time.

Sure, the temptation is going to be there. After all, a seven-game series is perfect for multi-leg wagers like a parlay. But when you look at the kind of risk World Series betting Arizona players have to take on to win these kinds of bets, they become less attractive. It’s something to think about, anyway.

World Series prop betting in Arizona

Prop betting, on the other hand, can pay off big time during the World Series! There are usually more World Series prop bets available to pick and choose from than there are during the regular season. We’re not just talking about picking winners and losers here but picking things like:

  • What team is going to score the most runs in each game
  • What team is going to score the first run in each game
  • How many strikeouts a pitching staff will have
  • How many home runs a specific batter will have
  • Who will win individual awards (like MVP)
  • How many games the World Series will last

… And that’s just barely beginning to scratch the surface of the World Series prop bets you’ll be able to put money on. Some of these World Series prop bets can be parlayed, too. There’s a little bit of risk there, but the potential payoff can be huge.

Pro tips for betting on the World Series in AZ


Study any interleague results for an edge

Thanks to interleague play becoming quite common, it’s a lot easier to see how American League teams stack up against National League teams these days.

Maybe the two teams facing off in the World Series have played each other this year already. Maybe they played each other a few times. That can definitely help you predict how things are going to shake out going into the World Series.

World Series betting Arizona players are always going to want to look at interleague action (especially late in the season) to get a feel for how they should place their bets moving forward.

How have these teams been playing through the playoffs?

It’s also important to look at how teams have been playing throughout the MLB playoffs, plotting their journey to the World Series. A team that has had no trouble at all ripping through the competition, sweeping right up until the World Series, is one that can be bet on confidently.

On the flip side, a team that has been grinding through the competition might be a little shakier. Or it might mean that they are more resilient and that they will push the World Series to seven games no matter what.

Momentum matters. Emotion matters. The heart of a team can make all the difference when the World Series is on the line.

Ride hot teams all the way to the bank

Hot teams – and especially hot players – can turn things around when it comes to the odds on MLB playoffs action. Hot pitching staffs, in particular, can shut down red-hot offenses. So this is definitely something to be on the lookout for.

If one World Series team has two or three top-notch starters and a solid bullpen, they are going to be tough to beat especially if they’ve already been rolling people on their road to the World Series!

FAQ’s About World Series betting Arizona

Can I legally bet on the World Series?

You sure can! You’ll be able to get in on all the World Series betting odds action if you want to live and work here in Arizona.

Are World Series futures bets a good idea?

World Series future bets can be a little risky. But all that extra risk brings pretty decent potential payoffs. Try not to bet too far into the future, though. You never know what a team five or 10 years down the line is going to look like.

Is the run line any different than over/under?

The run line is very similar to totals and point spread action in other sports. However, you’ll be able to get the hang of it in no time at all.

What does “betting the top half” mean?

Baseball lets you “bet the top half” of games, basically closing wagers out at the end of five innings. That’s usually when a starting pitcher is pulled, and the bullpen takes over. World Series betting odds opportunities usually let you bet the top half, too.

Are parlays a good idea during the World Series?

Parlays can be pretty risky when it comes to the World Series, if only because these games are so unpredictable. This is a seven-game series, though, which opens up lots of opportunities for parlay legs.