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American Express betting Arizona

American Express is one of the more popular payment methods available in the United States. On this page, we want to discuss the idea of American Express betting in Arizona. This includes a discussion of the best American Express betting sites, as well as an overview of why you should be using your Amex to gamble online.

American Express for sports betting in Arizona

American Express may not be widely accepted by retailers in Arizona, but there are several sportsbooks in the state that accept American Express. Those that use American Express for gambling at Amex betting sites will be able to enjoy quick deposits, no fees, and the ability to access certain sport betting promotions. The only downside is that you won’t be able to withdraw using your Amex at American Express sport betting sites.

Best american express betting AZ

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Top betting Arizona with American Express


The problem with American Express betting in Arizona is that, sometimes, it can be rather difficult to track down the sites that you should be gambling at. This is because it is not a hugely popular payment method. We will talk more about why soon. However, for now, let’s give you a quick rundown on the best Arizona online gambling sites for using your Amex:

  • BetMGM
  • Draftkings
  • Fanduel
  • Pointsbet
  • William Hill

Obviously, each of these sites is going to offer a slightly different gambling experience, so we suggest that you go through each of them and see which ones offer the sports that you enjoy the most. For example, William Hill will offer different sporting markets to Draftkings and Pointsbet.

Why bet using American Express in Arizona


There are a few reasons why you may want to use your American Express card. Here are just a few of the reasons why we tend to seek out sites that accept American Express:

It is easy

If you already have an American Express card, then the chances are that you will already know how to use it online. It is the same as any other transaction that you have made online with your Amex. It is dead simple, and the process should be fairly self-explanatory. There is no need to go and make an account on an external website or anything like that.

No huge minimum deposits

There will always be minimum deposits when you deposit into any sportsbook account. This is because they do not want to be processing transactions for a couple of cents. However, the minimum deposit for American Express is never going to be all that high.

In fact, it is unlikely to ever go beyond $20. In most cases, it is going to be far less than this. Of course, this is going to have the major benefit of ensuring that using American Express is as accessible as possible to those that want to gamble.

No fees for depositing

Sportsbooks are not allowed to charge fees for accepting American Express. So, while it can be tempting for them to do so (more on that in a short while), they can’t. This means that you get whatever you deposit into your account to gamble with. So, if you deposit $100, you have $100 to gamble with.

Depositing money into your account is quick

Assuming that your sportsbook account has been verified, then you should be able to have instant access to the money that you deposit into your account. At a push, it may take a couple of minutes if the site is dealing with a period of high traffic. However, you won’t have to ever wait around for too long.

This is going to be ideal for all the gamblers out there. After all, a lot of u’s see some decent odds, and we want to jump in on the action. We can’t afford to wait for hours and hours for our accounts to be credited. We want to take advantage of decent odds before they have the chance to change. Gambling with American Express is going to make this possible.

Use all American Express cards

American Express is perhaps best known for the credit cards that they hand out. However, these aren’t the only cards made by American Express. They have charge cards, debit cards, and even prepaid cards. All of these can be used for online gambling.

You may also enjoy the fact that it is incredibly rare that your bank account will block you from using an American Express card for gambling. This is a problem with some other credit and debit cards. However, this is rarely the case with American Express due to the way in which the system has been set up. Again, this helps to play into the fact that gambling with American Express online is simple.

Why do some sportsbooks in Arizona not accept American Express?

As you browse around the various sportsbooks in Arizona, you will quickly discover that not all of them offer American Express betting. There are a few reasons for this.

The first is that businesses tend to enjoy making money, and they are not huge fans of things that cut into the profits. Second, accepting American Express is incredibly expensive.

Since most sportsbooks realize that many people will have cards available to them other than American Express, they figure that it would just not be worth accepting Amex as it isn’t really going to lose them that many customers.

American Express runs on a different network to the main debit and credit card providers too. This means that sportsbooks that want to offer American Express betting in Arizona will have to go out of their way to set it up as a potential payment method. But, again, because this is going to cut into the sportsbooks profits for little to no reward, they just don’t feel that it is worth doing it.

Deposits and withdrawals with Amex Arizona sportsbooks


How to deposit for American Express betting in AZ

As we said before, part of the charm of using American Express for your gambling fun is the fact that you likely already know how to use it anyway. The chances are that you will have used it to make purchases online.

This means that you probably do not need us to go through the entire process for you. You will be able to find the ‘cashier’ link somewhere on the sportsbook. From here, select credit/debit card deposits and follow the instructions.

The one thing that we do want to point out here applies if you have an American Express credit card. There are some that may normally have an interest-free period. However, if you look into the terms and conditions for the card, you may find that the interest-free period doesn’t apply to gambling transactions. So, if you do deposit into your account, you will have to deal with that extra interest right away. So, make sure that you factor this into your gambling transactions.

How to withdraw for American Express betting

As a rule, most sportsbooks are not going to allow fast payouts in Arizona to an American Express card. Yes. There are some that will allow it, but there will be strict limitations in place. This is because they are not actually withdrawing, just refunding you. There will often be high fees, and you can never receive a refund greater than what you deposited into your account over a certain period of time.

This is actually one of the bigger downsides of using your American Express card for gambling. You just can’t withdraw using this method. This means that you will need to have some sort of backup withdrawal method in place. It is a little bit inconvenient, but we are sure that most of the people reading this will have a withdrawal method that they can use.

FAQ’s About American Express betting Arizona

Do you pay fees for American Express betting in Arizona?

The sportsbook shouldn’t charge you any fees for depositing using American Express. However, do bear in mind that there will be fees if you are using a credit card or charge card. The same may also apply if you are using certain prepaid cards issued by American Express.

Is there a maximum deposit for American Express when gambling?

In most cases, no. However, some sportsbooks have been known to cap the deposits for credit/debit cards. American Express cards would fall under the same header.

Can you use sports betting bonuses with American Express?

Yes. Unless the sports betting bonus is for a specific payment method, then you will be able to use your American Express card for it.

Do all sportsbooks accept Amex in Arizona?

No. Most sportsbooks do not accept Amex due to the higher fees. This means that you may need to hunt around for a sportsbook that will accept it as a payment method.

Can you use an Amex business card for sports betting in Arizona?

Yes. An Amex business card is not different from a standard Amex personal card. However, you shouldn’t really be gambling with the money from a business. There is a chance that the card issuer could remove the card from your possession if it is used for anything other than business transactions.