Boxing betting in Arizona

Welcome to boxing betting in Arizona! The page where you can find out exactly how to become a profitable bettor. From learning how to choose the best boxing betting sportsbooks to making the right wagers, we’ll cover it all.

The 7-7-7 format – boxing betting

We’re taking a 7-7-7 approach to teaching you about boxing betting online. Firstly, we’ll look at how to choose the best boxing sportsbooks in 7 steps. We’ll even give you a few options to get you started.

Then, you’ll discover the 7 most common boxing bet types that you can make some serious cash on. Finally, we’ll disclose 7 top expert tips and tricks so you can refine your skills.

Ready to get started? We bet you are! Let’s jump right into the ring.

AZ Boxing betting list

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Choosing the best Boxing betting sites in Arizona


You’ve arrived at the first of the 7s, where we’ll be looking at how you can choose the best boxing sports betting site in Arizona.

Follow our 7 easy steps below:

  1. Read reviews: People love letting others know when they’ve had a not-so-great experience with a boxing sportsbook. The trick is to read reviews that are not on the betting site itself. Independent reviews are always the most honest.
  2. Look at the odds: You want the best payout. So, ensure you find a boxing sportsbook that works to small margins.
  3. Consider security: The number one question — is your data and payment details safe? The answer needs to be yes. A tell-tale sign is to look at the URL bar. A padlock icon indicates that encryption and SSL or TSL technology are used on the site.
  4. Think about customer service: While we hope nothing goes wrong, you need to know that someone is there to help when it does. Ideally, the boxing sportsbook will have 24/7 support.
  5. Try out the mobile betting app: The app should be easy to use and simple to download. Being available on both iOS and Android is a huge advantage.
  6. Understand the financials: You shouldn’t have to wait weeks for your money. A few days is understandable for some methods, but no longer.
  7. Look at the promotions and bonuses: Anything that boosts your bankroll is a plus!

Our picks – best sites with boxing odds

As promised, we’ve narrowed down the options with our top 5 boxing betting site picks:

  • FanDuel: Great welcome offers and fantastic live boxing betting.
  • William Hill: Amazing reputation and easy-to-use website.
  • PointsBet: Simple registration process and great insurance bonus bets for new users.
  • DraftKings: Brilliant promotions and are official UFC partners.
  • BetMGM: Partners with DAZN for live betting and is a recognizable brand.

The 7 most common boxing betting types in AZ


Now it’s time to understand the best types of odds available in AZ when betting on boxing events!

#1 Moneyline bout betting

Firstly, you have Moneyline betting. Similar to other sports, you just pick who you believe will win the bout and win outright. There is always a favorite and an underdog with this bet type. The favorite is denoted with a negative boxing betting line and the underdog with a positive.

#2 Round betting

Here, you are betting on which fighter will win a specific round. Of course, this can be incredibly hard to predict. But as you might imagine, the potential payouts are much bigger.

For example, let’s say Errol Spence Jr. is fighting Josh Taylor. The Moneyline bet on Errol Spence Jr. to win is -160. However, you could be more specific and bet Errol Spence Jr. to win within rounds 8-11 at +450.

#3 Method of victory

This is a type of prop bet where you wager on how a specific fighter will win the bout. In this example, Teofimo Lopez is the -160 favorite to win against Terence Crawford. Lopez is also the favorite to win by knockout at +160. If Lopez knocked Crawford out, both bets would win!

#4 3-way Moneyline

This version of Moneyline betting allows you to pick either boxer to win or a draw outcome. Keep in mind that draws are incredibly rare in this sport! To be honest, we recommend picking a fighter and facing the unlikely risk that a draw might come.

#5 To go distance betting

Perhaps one of our favorite bet types, you simply predict if the fight will last the expected duration. That’s it!

#6 Totals

With totals, otherwise called over/under, you predict whether the fight will end above or below the totals rounds spread. So consider it a “before or after” type of call. You’ll usually see the spread sat slightly off-center to equalize both sides.

#7 Exact finishing round

The final boxing betting type we’ll look at here is the exact round finish. You must name the round in which the bout will finish. We suggest checking the “to-go distance market” beforehand, though. Just to see whether you can get a better payout this way.

Top 7 boxing expert betting tips and tricks


You’ve got your boxing AZ sportsbook. You understand the bet types. Now all you need to do is listen to the experts.

Know your matchups

Boxers are not created equally. No two boxers fight the same. Understanding how the styles match up is essential for making accurate wagers. A powerful puncher might find agility and speed difficult. Consider whether they’re up against a scrappy fighter. You’ll feel more secure in your bets this way.

Trick: Watch a boxer’s previous fights to see how they fare against different styles.

Understand previous punishment

Nope, not who was put on the naughty step! We mean, consider how badly the boxer was beaten up in previous fights.

It’s surprising how quickly a fighter can go from amazing to awful after a knockout/bad beating. Whether it’s physical or mental damage, it can flip the expected outcome upside down.

Stay updated

Sometimes, fight camps will update the public on the boxers’ progress. In addition, you might find other fighters talking about others who train in the same gyms. For example, you might find out that a certain boxer is injured. Upon hearing this and finding out the details, you’ll be swayed to wager in one way or another.

Ignore the public

The public is notorious for betting with their heart and not their head. So, ignore them. It’s as simple as that. They love a comeback kid and an underdog story. But when fight day comes, the better boxer will typically prevail. Sensationalism does not make a profit. Always look at the stats and come to your own informed decision.

Don’t bet on every fight

There will be numerous fights on your boxing card. But don’t bet on all of them. Yes, you’ll benefit from tons of action for the whole night. However, there is no way you’ll become profitable when gambling like this in Arizona. The experts sometimes only bet on one fight. And it may not be the most anticipated match!

Find value

Picking the winner and wagering is a sign of a recreational bettor. But if you want to make some serious money, you need to look for value.

Consider whether the profit is worth the risk. For example, if you know Fighter A will win the fight, it might not be worth the risk if you’ll only profit $10 on a $100 bet. In other words, are you willing to lose $100 for the change of $10 if a real blinder comes out from nowhere? Probably not.

Know who trains with who

A boxer is only as good as the training partners they have. Ideally, you should look for fighters who train with the cream of the crop. Not only will they be consistently improving their skills, but they’ll also be gaining wisdom from the G.O.A.T.S. of the game.

After that, find fighters who are training with partners who fight like their upcoming opponent.

FAQs About Boxing betting in Arizona

How do you sign up for a boxing betting site in Arizona?

Follow these steps: Choose a Arizoina boxing sportsbook from our list above. Enter your name, email, address, birthday, and deposit information. Use the confirmation link found in your email inbox. Verify identity. Make a deposit. Finished!

Should you use multiple boxing betting sites?

Technically, you don’t need to sign up to more than one boxing betting site.

Is it easy to get started with boxing betting in Arizona?

However, it is recommended. Why? Since you can shop for the best boxing betting lines, allowing you to get the to consistently receive the highest payout.

What happens if you bet on a boxing match and it’s a draw?

Yep! Once you sign up for a boxing betting site in Arizona, you can start placing bets. Although, it might be wise to get your strategy sorted before placing willy-nilly wagers.

Is betting on boxing in Arizona legal?

The 3-way moneyline allows you to bet on a draw as an outcome.