PGA betting in Arizona

PGA betting in Arizona is now legal. This means we have no doubt that a lot of people are excited about the prospect of betting on the PGA Tour. On this page, you are going to learn exactly how to do this. We want to tell you the best places in the state to gamble. We also want to discuss useful information on reading betting odds and the available betting markets.

How to get started with PGA Tour betting in Arizona

In order to get started with PGA Tour betting in Arizona, you are going to need to choose from the myriad of sportsbooks in Arizona. You need somewhere to gamble, after all. You also need to understand how to read PGA betting odds and PGA Tour markets.

After this, it is a case of just being able to do your research. Successful gamblers thrive upon the research they carry out. If you are not prepared to live and breathe PGA betting, then this is not for you.

Best Arizona PGA betting list

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Top betting sites for the PGA – Arizona


The first step to getting involved with PGA championship betting is to choose a sportsbook. There are a lot of betting sites in Arizona with golf odds. They all started to appear once online gambling became legalized in the state. Because we know just how difficult it can be to track down a sportsbook that you know you want to gamble at, we have decided to put in the hard work for you.

What follows is a list of our favorite PGA Tour sportsbooks in Arizona. These are the places that get the bulk of our cash, and when we love a sportsbook, you know it is going to be good.


Unibet is a site designed for both new and experienced gamblers. Here, you will discover a ton of awesome betting markets. You will also find several enhanced odds promotions.


WynnBet is one of the premier sportsbooks in the state. In addition, they have managed to gain a good reputation for the quality of the bonuses that they offer.


BetMGM is another site famed for bonuses. They can afford to offer some of the best ‘VIP’ bonuses due to their size. So, if you are planning on betting on PGA regularly, you should check them out.


Fanduel is one of the better sites for those that love mobile gambling. Their app is superb, as is their mobile site.


If you feel like betting on the PGA Tour in the midst of a round, the Draftkings is for you. They offer a huge selection of live betting markets. But, of course, they also have some great odds before the tee-off too.


Caesars Sports is a sportsbook that loves to give back to the regular gamblers through various promotions. This is another sportsbook that you may want to check out if you plan on gambling a lot.

Bally Bet

Bally Bet is a favored choice for those that love to parlay their PGA bets. So, if you like a lot of risks but with high rewards, then Bally Bet may be worth checking out.

Understanding PGA betting odds


Understanding betting odds is going to be your next goal. We are going to keep things simple here. We understand that the bulk of people that are gambling will not be doing so for the first time. This means that we just want to give you a brief overview of how the American betting odds system works.

Determining the favorite and underdog

When you are getting started with PGA Tour betting in Arizona, the simplest thing to understand about betting odds is who the underdog and who the favorite is. Luckily, using the American odds system, this shouldn’t be that difficult:

  • If you see a – before the odds number, then you know that you are looking at the favorite
  • If you see a + before the number, then you are looking at the underdog.

Since multiple people are competing on the PGA roster, you may see multiple golfers with ‘favorite’ odds and multiple with underdog odds. Therefore, you need some way to determine who is more of a favorite and who is more of an underdog. Again, this is simple. You just need to look at how large the number is. The larger the number, the more the player is trending toward being a favorite or an underdog.

How much can you win?

The whole purpose behind betting is to ensure that you win cash. Therefore, we are pretty sure that you will want to know how much you are going to win. Nowadays, most sportsbooks will make this simple. They will outright tell you how much you stand to win when you add the bet to your betting slip. However, to ensure that you understand how betting odds work, let’s give you an overview:

  • If you are looking at the favorite, then you know that the number displayed is how much you would need to bet if you want to win $100.
  • If you are looking at the underdog, then you know the number displayed is much you would win if you bet $100

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to bet $100 each time. You can bet however much you want. You just need to adjust the numbers to suit.

Is the bet the right one to make?

This is a tough question to answer. This is because the right bet for us may not potentially be the best bet for you. So, here, we just want to give you some of the questions that you should be asking yourself to determine whether the bet is worth making:

  • Can you afford the bet? You don’t want to be gambling more than you can afford to lose.
  • Have you carried out your research? If you don’t understand the bets that you are making, you can’t possibly expect to win.
  • Does the bet have a reasonable chance of coming through? If there isn’t the slightest chance the bet could come through, then it is a waste of your money.

Basically, a lot of research and establishing your maximum level of risk will get you most of the way towards making decent PGA bets.

Understanding PGA championship betting markets – AZ


Betting markets are the actual things that you bet on. There will be several PGA Tour betting markets in Arizona. In this section, we want to focus on the more popular of them. However, we also want to break them down into the best bets for beginners through to experienced gamblers. This way, you will know what you can be focusing on at each part of your betting career.

The best PGA betting markets for beginners

If you want the best betting markets for beginners, then either of these will be a great start:

  • Winner, where you just predict the winner of one of the events on the PGA Tour.
  • Place bets where you bet on a golfer finishing within a range of positions generally positions 1 to 3.
  • Round winner, where you are predicting a golfer winning a specific round rather than the entirety of the event.

The best PGA betting markets for intermediate gamblers

If you are willing to put in a bit more research and you have a solid understanding of golf bets, then you may want to move onto the intermediate bets. This includes:

  • Futures where you bet on events happening over the course of the PGA Tour e.g. the championship winner.
  • Head-to-head bets are where you will be focusing on just a couple of golfers on the roster. You will be betting which one performs the best.
  • Golfer vs field. With these bets, you are betting on whether a single golfer wins, generally the favorite. The opposite side to this bet will be betting on whether anybody else on that field is going to beat them.

The best PGA betting markets for experienced gamblers

Advanced bets generally involve prop bets. These are the bets where you will be focusing on what happens during the game rather than the final tournament result. For example, you may be betting on whether a golfer will complete a specific hole under par. The number of eagles scored by all combined golfers, etc.

FAQ’s About PGA betting in AZ

Is golf betting in Arizona legal?

Yes. It is legal to bet on the PGA Tour in Arizona.

What are enhanced odds for PGA Tour betting in Arizona?

Enhanced odds are a special type of promotion where certain betting markets, normally prop markets, will get a temporary odds boost.

Are betting bonuses available for PGA Tour betting?

Yes. Most betting bonuses will be applicable to PGA Tour betting. You may want to read the terms and conditions of the bonus, though. Some of them will specifically exclude certain betting markets.

When is the best time to bet on PGA Tour futures?

For the best odds, you will want to be gambling well before the tour gets underway. For the safest bets, you will want to bet when the golf season is in full swing.

Can you bet on live PGA events?

Yes. Most online sports betting sites will offer live betting. You may only have a limited number of betting markets available, though.