Hedge betting Arizona

Learning how to hedge your bets can take a little time. It’s a huge piece of the puzzle for success in the world of sports betting today. Hedge betting with Arizona sportsbooks is hugely important. Giving you an opportunity to minimize your risk while multiplying your potential for big payouts. Here’s how to get started with hedges going forward!

Overview of Hedge betting in AZ

The odds are pretty good that you’ve heard about “hedging your bets” in the past. But maybe you’ve never thought about exactly how hedge betting Arizona practices unfold – especially with online sportsbooks these days. Well, that’s why we have put together this detailed guide.

Below we clearly define the meaning of hedge bets. We also walk you through the process for hedging bets from start to finish. And even get into the kinds of sports that are particularly well set up for hedge betting. Let’s begin!

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Will all sportsbooks let me hedge bets in Arizona?


The overwhelming majority of sportsbooks are going to let players hedge their bets with no trouble whatsoever. There’s no real way to stop this sort of action from happening in the first place. After all, it’s not like you are selecting a specific option that says “hedging my bets.”

All you are really doing is adding another kind of wager to your digital betting slip. A wager that is often (at least partially) opposed to the initial wager that you set up so that you can protect your downside risk.

Some people even like to do a couple of different wagers when hedging their bets. To really maximizing their potential payout as long as they aren’t risking even more money along the way.

That may be something to consider. When you get right down to it, though, you’ll still want to be sure that you find the right sportsbooks to get connected with.

Best sportsbooks in AZ for Hedge betting

With so many different AZ online sportsbooks available for hedge bettors to pick and choose from. We’ve put together a quick rundown of top options for your consideration:

Hedge betting explained – Arizona


At the end of the day, hedge betting is little more than finding ways to strategically minimize your risk while maximizing the potential for your profits. Sports bettors inevitably have to “lock in” their wagers. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the sports betting odds they are working with stop moving.

Arizona online gambling sites are always changing their lines, always adjusting due to a variety of different factors. It’s not uncommon for a wager that was placed a few days ago (or even a few hours ago) with very specific odds impossible to place again just because of how much lines have moved.

If you’ve put down a bet on a specific outcome and discovered that the odds have shortened quite a bit. The chances are good that you’ll want to lock in a hedge to protect against that extra risk. Multiplying your opportunity for profit.

The idea here is to really protect yourself as much as possible. Avoiding train wreck wagers because of unpredictable situations or line changes that couldn’t have been foreseen.

How to hedge bets in Arizona online sportsbooks


For starters, you’ll only be able to get into hedge betting efforts in AZ when the lines you’ve been betting have drifted from the moment they opened until the moment that they closed. Again, odds rarely stay exactly the same from the second that a line is opened until the lines close.

Keep track of the betting lines

Sportsbooks are always looking for an edge. Always adjusting based on how money is coming in on either side of their lines. And always reacting to inside information, intelligence, or updates that they are being fed.

Protect your money

With a hedge, you basically protect against potential losses by adding a bet that could offset those with a bigger win and potential payout.

There’s no guarantee, which is why some people resist hedging bets even though they know it is a sound strategy. But there’s a reason why so many sports bettors rely on this strategy to protect their backside.

A quick example of hedging a bet – AZ

Let’s say, for example, that a couple of years ago, you put money down on the Arizona Cardinals to win the Super Bowl this upcoming season.

At the time, the futures odds were looking pretty grim, with the Arizona Cardinals getting 60 to 1 odds to win the Super Bowl. So a $100 wager at the time would open up a potential $6000 payout.

Well, things went according to plan, and it looks like the Arizona Cardinals have a great chance of getting into the big dance – and it also looks like they are going to be squaring off against the New England Patriots.

Because of the way that teams are built, the odds of these two teams meeting in the Super Bowl are 2 to 1, with the Patriots having 2 to 1 odds of winning the whole thing and coming home with the Lombardi trophy.

A $1000 bet on the Patriots to win it all (after placing that $100 wager on the Cardinals to bring home the trophy) would be a hedge against losing everything. If the Cardinals pull off the victory, you will bring home $6000 minus the $1000 wager on the Patriots, for a total of $5000.

On the other hand, if the Patriots were able to pull it off, you would collect a $2000 payout minus the $100 wager on the Cardinals to bring home $900 extra that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

All you’re really doing when you are hedging your bets is giving yourself every opportunity to win no matter how things shake out going forward.

Other hedging opportunities – Arizona betting


Futures aren’t the only thing that attracted hedge-betting Arizona players, either. Savvy and strategic bettors that are getting into live betting action are using hedges to protect themselves, particularly when they are getting into some of the riskier wagers.

Hedge your live bets

Live betting can now be done 100% online with every pitch, with every play, and during almost every moment of every game. This opens up a world of hedging opportunities – including prop bets, for example – that help players protect themselves from the downside of some of their more aggressive moves.

Hedge your Parlays

Parlay hedge betting is also incredibly popular.

Multi-leg parlays (especially when you start to get into four, five, and six-leg parlays) bring on a tremendous amount of risk. Having to hit two different wagers to bring home a parlay is one thing, but having six different wagers go right all at once can be almost impossible without a lot of luck and a lot of research.

By hedging, though, especially on the last game of a multi-leg parlay, players are able to protect their parlay in a way that would have been difficult to pull off otherwise.

You might lose the parlay anyway (if your last game initial wager doesn’t come through), but with this betting strategy, you’ll at least bring home some money rather than what otherwise would have been a total loser.

It’s important to remember that gambling in sports doesn’t always have to be about winning or losing a particular wager.

Instead, it’s about minimizing your risk and maximizing your potential for huge payouts, giving you the most opportunity to bring home the bacon (so to speak) without having to worry about bankrupting your sportsbook account at the same time.

FAQ’s About Hedge betting in Arizona

Is hedging basically nothing more than insurance for my wager?

When you boil things down to their bare essentials, hedging is basically “purchasing” insurance for some of your riskier wagers. The idea here, though, is never to risk more than you would win regardless of which of your wagers hit.

What is the biggest benefit of hedging bets in Arizona?

The biggest benefit for hedging bets in Arizona is the ability to take larger risks than you might have otherwise, increasing your potential payouts while eliminating a lot of the perceived risk at the exact same time.

Is there any downside to hedging a bet in AZ?

There’s always the potential for both bets to backfire, though with proper strategy and a little bit of research, this is rather difficult to pull off.

What kinds of bets are particularly useful to hedge in Arizona?

Moneyline bets, point spread bets, and over/under style bets are pretty easy to hedge, mostly because they have a lot less implied risk than other options. This can free you up to take bigger swings with other types of wagers.

Can I (and should I) hedge a parlay in AZ?

Hedging the last game or the last leg in a parlay is almost never a bad idea. It gives you a little bit of coverage to make sure that you don’t get a bad beat at the end of your otherwise perfectly rolled parlay.