Odds Boosts – Arizona

In this article, we will discuss how odds boosts work, specific things you need to keep in mind when it comes to odds boosts in Arizona, and which sportsbooks offer the best opportunities for boosted odds.

What do I need to know about odds boosts in AZ?

Odds boosts are a popular promotion run by sportsbooks to attract and reward bettors. While they certainly put the odds in the bettor’s favor, there are certain things that need to be considered when it comes to odds boosts.

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How odds boosts work in Arizona


Odds boosts indicate a situation in which the sportsbook has increased your potential winnings by reducing (or completely removing) the juice they scrape off a specific bet. This is reflected in boosted odds.

For example, an original moneyline bet may have odds set at -150 and +120. The boosted odds might look like -140 and +130/

The boosted odds indicate an increased payout. For the favorite (the negative number), the number will increase to show you do not need to wager as much to potentially win $100. For the underdog (the positive number), the number increases to show you can potentially win more for every $100 you bet.

Odds boosts are most commonly offered on:

  • Moneyline bets
  • Point spreads
  • Totals (over/under bets)
  • Specific player or team props

You will also see boosted odds on parlays frequently, but do not be mistaken; they do not make the parlay any easier to win.

Pros and cons of boosted odds – AZ


This may seem too good to be true, but odds boosts tend to be in favor of the bettor.

That being said, there are still good and bad things to consider when looking at odds boosting in Arizona.


Odds boosts truly are one of the best Arizona sports betting bonuses you will have access to after securing your welcome bonus, especially if they fall on an event or bet you already planned to bet on. In addition, they provide ample competition between sportsbooks, ensuring that you do not get stuck with odds stacked against you no matter where you turn.

Odds boosts can encourage you to add more variety to your betting experience, but this is only a good thing if you are prepared to branch out.

Furthermore, odds boosts can provide you with more betting and winning opportunities. You can bet a smaller portion of your bankroll to reach the same potential gains you would have without the boost. This will allow you to either win more by placing the same bet or split your betting money, putting the rest onto another opportunity.


The first thing you need to be wary of is how attractive parlays can look when dressed up with boosted odds. While parlays are lucrative, to begin with, they are difficult to pin down. Furthermore, there is little point in boosted odds if you will never see the winnings.

Odds boosts can also be addictive on their own, so make sure you are betting because you have the proper knowledge and not because the bet is “on-sale”. Wagering just because the odds are boosted is just like buying something you would never use just because it is discounted.

Regarding boosted odds in Arizona


Boosted odds are very attractive, and it is easy to be dragged in by the potential increase in winnings. However, keeping your head on straight until you can thoroughly analyze the bet will save you time and money.


You need to look for sportsbooks that have flexibility regarding their boosted odds, or they will prove to be more pain than pleasure. There is no use earning extra money if there is a ten-page list of conditions attached to it.

Luckily, most sportsbooks are decent about keeping their terms simple (as we will discuss later in this section), but you should keep an eye out for any that seem reluctant to let you touch any of those winnings.

Not every odds-boosted bet is a good idea

You should not place a bet just because it has boosted odds. You still need to have a proper background of knowledge to lead to an educated prediction, or you might lose the bet and not see any of those boosted odds.

Make sure you cycle through your sportsbooks without committing to a bet. Unless the bet is extremely time-sensitive, it is worth working through your list and making sure another sportsbook is not offering a bigger boost on the same bet.

Some bets are not valuable, even with boosted odds. This is most obvious with sports that have major favorites, like tennis.

Read the terms and conditions first

You do not want to run into something that upsets your win and kills your victory bliss, so make sure you comb through the terms and conditions a sportsbook has for their odds boost before you start placing those bets.

Most terms and conditions will cover:

  • Minimum bet limits
  • Maximum bet limits
  • Any applicable time limits
  • Any rollover limits that will be placed on what you win

Regarding the last point, a meet rollover is a popular limit that might be put on your winnings. These involve requiring the bettor to bet a total equal to a specific multiple of the boost before you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

Sportsbooks that offer odds boosts in AZ


Boosting odds is a popular and effective way for sportsbooks to grab attention, so you can expect them to utilize boosted odds regularly.

Some sportsbooks offer odds matching, meaning that if another sportsbook is running a boosted odds promotion, you can have them matched on a secondary site. Each sportsbook treats the promotion a bit differently, so using more than one sportsbook will give you a variety of betting options.

Using multiple sportsbooks also gives you access to a number of different sports betting bonuses, such as:

BetMGM odds boost in AZ

BetMGM will regularly cover popular bets with odds boosts, making them a great staple for Arizona sports betting.

They also offer a competitive increase for parlays. You can bet on a normal boosted parlay to win about 10 percent extra, or you can utilize what BetMGM refers to as a Parlay Plus.

These bets have odds boosts that can increase profit up to 40 percent, but the parlays you bet on are between four and seven legs.

PointsBet boosted odds Arizona

With the widest variety of boosted odds that change daily, PointsBet provides extensive opportunities for maximizing your bets.

In 2019 PointsBet offered an entire season of juice-free NFL bets, but they have since pulled that back into No Juice Saturdays. This gives you a 30-hour window to bet on Sunday, and Monday football point spreads with boosted odds.

PointsBet also offers boosts based on professional teams that are local to you, like the Phoenix Suns or the Arizona Cardinals.

DraftKings boosted odds AZ

You are more likely to find boosted odds on special or popular events, like championship games or tournaments.

You can find them under the promotions tab, and you need to remember to select the promotion on your bet slip to claim it. Forgetting to do so limits you to the non-boosted odds of the bet.

FanDuel odds boosts AZ

You get a steady supply of daily FanDuel odds boosts, but the lines change regularly.

FanDuel offers something called a FanDuel Super Boost in which multiple games or props are tied into one bet with boosted odds. Do not let the name fool you; this is a parlay. While the increased odds allow you to win more money, they are just as difficult to find success in.

William Hill odds boost Arizona

If you bet using William Hill, you will notice that they have two different terms for their odds boosts.

Flash odds are boosted odds that are only available for a short period, usually about an hour. Enhanced odds are more popular, and there are more of them available.

Because they are time-sensitive, William Hills will usually advertise them with a banner on the main sports page, but you can also find them under the promotions tab anytime they are available.

FAQs about odds boosts in AZ

Are odds boosts good bets to make?

Odds boosts are only good bets to make if you are confident in what you are betting on. As long as you believe you will win the bet, you should take the opportunity to have increased returns while the sportsbook limits their juice.

Why do sportsbooks offer odds boosts if they do not make money off of them?

While sportsbooks do not make as much money off the vig, bets with boosted odds will draw in more bets. This means that more people are bound to lose, and the sportsbook will keep those losses. Odds boosts also serve as a way to attract attention to specific events that may be overlooked otherwise.

Which sportsbook is the best for boosted odds?

If you had to choose one sportsbook based on boosted odds alone, you should go with PointsBet. This is because they have the most consistent offering of odds boosts, especially if you are a heavy NFL bettor.

Do odds boosts increase your chance of winning?

Odds boosts do not increase your chance of winning. While odds hint at favorites, they exist to communicate how much money a person stands to gain off the bet. Odds boosts communicate an increase in the amount of money a bettor can gain from that bet.

Can you earn a lot of money off odds boosts alone?

Odds boosts are not offered extensively enough to make them your main source of betting income. Moreover, because the boosts jump around, you will be increasing your workload, and there is no extra guarantee that the bets are easier to win.