Orange Bowl betting Arizona

Here you’ll find successful strategies for winning Orange Bowl bets in Arizona. Of course, there’s nothing like the college football bowl season, with lots of action, exciting games, and plenty of opportunities for sports bettors to cash in big. Below we’ll run through (almost) everything you need to know about betting on the Orange Bowl from Arizona sportsbooks!

Orange Bowl betting in Arizona

In the rest of this quick guide, we are going to cover just about all you need to know to make money betting on the Orange Bowl. We cover things like the important news you want to look out for and the different types of bets you’ll want to consider.

And then we get a little deeper into finding the right sportsbook to place smart wagers, too. By the time you finish this inside information, you’ll have a better chance to cash in big on Orange Bowl betting for sure!

Orange bowl betting sites in AZ

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Arizona sportsbooks for Orange Bowl


One of the most important things when betting on the Orange Bowl is to find the right Arizona sports betting site for your bets.

Different online sportsbooks often have different betting odds. For example, the Orange Bowl betting odds at one book can vary wildly from another. Even on a minute-to-minute basis!

By shopping Orange Bowl odds line offers (looking for the best odds possible on a particular wager), you can lock in value you would have missed out on otherwise. This is an advanced strategy and a small piece of the puzzle to find the right sportsbook.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best AZ online gambling sites offering Orange Bowl betting Arizona action right now!

  • BetMGM
  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • William Hill
  • Caesars Sports
  • Bally Bet
  • WynnBET Sportsbook
  • Unibet

All of these top options have a lot in common. It all starts with a great reputation in the industry, though.

On top of that, these companies offer:

  • Plenty of different wager offers to pick and choose from
  • Great odds that are always up-to-date and competitive
  • Secure and safe sportsbook platforms
  • 100% legal and legitimate operations in the state of Arizona
  • Fast and secure banking solutions
  • Quick payouts
  • Great promo offers, new player discounts, and more!

Orange Bowl betting strategies in Arizona


Though there are some “tried-and-true” strategies for Orange Bowl betting action, there’s a lot of news you need to look out for in the lead-up to this game to make smarter picks.

The specific news highlight below can let you know how a book is going to move before it actually does. You can almost “crystal ball” and the Orange Bowl betting line with this kind of information. And that changes everything when you go to place a wager!


Few things have an impact on the Orange Bowl betting line (or the Orange Bowl point spread, for that matter) than player injuries. Especially when you start talking about superstar players!

It’s not at all uncommon for elite-level athletes (on both sides of the ball) to go down with injuries just before the actual Orange Bowl itself. Therefore, it’s important to double-check and make sure that the roster that made it to the Orange Bowl is going to be competing in these games.

For example, if the University of Arizona was going up against the University of Miami, you’d want to know that Arizona’s quarterback would definitely be starting the game. If they weren’t, that Miami defense might look a little more stout than it would have otherwise. And that might change the kind of wager you want to make!

Always be on the lookout for player injury updates before you make your picks, something that should be a priority in on all sports markets.

Coaches making moves to new programs

Another thing that you might not think to check (but something that’s important to know) is what’s happening with the coaching staff after the Orange Bowl itself.

Most college football teams have pretty solid staffing, with long-term relationships with their most successful coaches. Look at Alabama, for example. The odds are pretty good that “St. Nick” isn’t leaving Tuscaloosa anytime soon.

On the flip side of things, though, coaches good enough to play into a bowl game often use that as a springboard for a new opportunity.

If Arizona’s coaching staff is plagued by rumors that they are leaving after the game, they might not be focused. You’ll want to think about putting money down on those Orange Bowl betting odds. At least not until you have a better feel for what’s really happening.

Players opting out

Star players opt out of bowl games that aren’t included in the College Football Playoffs all the time.

These players often want to protect their draft stock as much as possible. The last thing they want to worry about is an injury that could cause them to slip in the NFL draft. Maybe even costing them millions of dollars.

If star players are going to be holding out, that really changes the Orange Bowl over/under and Orange Bowl betting line quite a bit. You’re talking about a whole new team facing off in a bowl game. You might not want your money on the replacements.

Player suspensions

Player suspensions sometimes happen, too. Though these kinds of things are happening less and less today, it’s not uncommon for college football teams to have a handful of kids suspended for bowl games every season.

You obviously don’t want to put money on teams with top contributors watching the game from home. So double-check the game-day roster before putting money down on the Orange Bowl point spread for sure.

Orange Bowl betting types – Arizona


Now that we’ve covered those important details to place your winning NCAAF bets in AZ , it’s time to run through some of the Orange Bowl betting options you’ll have available.

Moneyline picks

Orange Bowl Arizona Football bettors are going to want to consider the Moneyline for sure. All you really have to do here is pick the winning team you think will come out on top of this year’s Orange Bowl. It really is that simple and that straightforward.

Moneyline odds are expressed like this:

  • University of Arizona -130
  • University of Miami +210

In this example, Arizona would be the favorite at -130. This means every $130 bet would win $100 for a payout of $230. On the other hand, Miami would be the underdog, and every $100 bet would win $210 (payout of $310) if they upset Arizona.

Orange Bowl betting Arizona players don’t have to worry about the spread, totals, props, or anything else when betting the Moneyline. All they have to do is put their money down on who they think comes out on top.

Point spreads

If you want to take on a little bit of extra risk for a higher payout, the point spread Orange Bowl betting odds should be right up your alley. These kinds of bets are pretty easy to make, too. All you really have to do is pick a team to “cover” the spread laid out by bookmakers.

Favorites have to win the game by a certain amount of points. Underdogs have to lose by less than a certain amount of points or win outright. So as long as one of those two things happens – and you pick the right side – you are in the money.

Let’s say that the University of Arizona and the University of Miami meet up in the Orange Bowl.

The spread might be set at Arizona (-7.5) and Miami (+7.5). This has Arizona as the favorite, winning by a touchdown or more. It also has Miami as the underdog losing by a touchdown or less. Bet, either way, hope for the best, and cash your winnings if you hit!


Totals bets (sometimes called Orange Bowl over/under action) are another simple way to bet on this game.

Orange Bowl betting Arizona bookmakers will come up with a total amount of points they think can be scored in a game. Using the Arizona and Miami example, let’s say the bookmakers set the total at 48.5.

Choosing the over means you believe Arizona and Miami will combine for 49 points or more. Choosing the under says they’ll combine for 48 points or less.


The Orange Bowl betting futures line is always pretty risky. It’s (almost) impossible to predict who’s going to show up for this bowl game each year. If you’ve got a good feeling, though, and want to put money on the University of Arizona to get to the Orange Bowl this year, a future is the way to go.

Of course, the Orange Bowl betting line on this kind of action might be pretty generous (usually always mind is 300 or more). But the opportunity for a big payout if you find Arizona in the game come January can be worth the risk for sure!

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FAQ’s About Orange Bowl betting in Arizona

When is the Orange Bowl played?

Traditionally the Orange Bowl is played on January 1 every year, though sometimes the schedule gets shuffled around a little bit.

Do the same teams play in the Orange Bowl each year?

Not at all! You never know exactly who is going to show up in the Orange Bowl from one year to the next. This used to be a very “Miami” bowl game, but that’s changed a little bit in recent years.

Can I parlay bet the Orange Bowl?

A lot of online sportsbooks offer to parlay betting options for the Orange Bowl, just like other college bowl games. This is something you want to research before you jump in, though.

Should I bet the Moneyline or the spread?

Both of these Orange Bowl betting options are great for newbies and veterans alike, with the Moneyline being a little bit easier to understand. In addition, the payout on the spread is (usually) a bit better.

Do all Orange Bowl betting Arizona sportsbooks have the same odds?

While most sites have competitive odds similar to one another, it’s rare that they have odds that perfectly sync up. Sometimes they will, most times they won’t. That’s why it’s important to shop for the best sportsbook for each wager.