Stanley Cup Betting Arizona

Nothing in the world of sports can quite compete with the NHL playoffs. Action-packed, the Stanley Cup games are filled with big hits, big shots, and big-time players. Betting on the Stanley Cup can be a lot of fun, too – so long as you know what you’re doing! And that’s why we’ve put together this detailed guide.

Guide to betting on the Stanley Cup in AZ

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand-new to the world of Stanley Cup betting or have been putting money on the NHL playoffs for years. By the time you’re done with the inside info below, you’ll know:

  • How to bet on the Stanley Cup
  • The types of Stanley Cup bets that offer the best odds and
  • How to find the proper Stanley Cup betting Arizona platform to play on

We also go over a couple of critical strategies you might not have seen before, strategies that will help you pick better Stanley Cup winner odds in the future.

Ready to get into the action?

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Find the best AZ betting site for Stanley Cup


Before you start looking at different Stanley Cup betting options in Arizona, though, it’s essential to understand how actually to be on the Stanley Cup to begin with. That’s what we are going to go over in this section.

How do you want to bet on the Stanley Cup?

To kick things off, you need to decide on the kinds of Stanley Cup bets you want to make. Are you interested in NHL futures, picking the Stanley Cup winner before the season starts?

Are you interested in picking single game-winners during the Stanley Cup finals? Do you want to pick Stanley Cup props, live bet, and follow along with the action on the ice as it unfolds? Or are you looking for a simple, “winner take all” style bet that lets you kick back and watch the action without having to worry about your wagers too much?

All of those bets can be placed on the right Stanley Cup betting Arizona platform, but all of them involve different odds, different lines, and different types of wagers. You need to have a good idea of what you’re getting into before jumping in with both feet!

Research the two teams squaring off

Your research into different Stanley Cup odds has to begin with breaking down the two teams that are squaring off against one another.

For starters, you’re going to want to look at how this team performed during the regular season (particularly over the last two months). Were they hard-charging in the lead up to the NHL playoffs? Or did they sort of limp into the playoffs and get hot at the right time?

You also want to look at how these teams did throughout the NHL playoffs themselves. Did they push each team to a game seven, grinding their way to the Stanley Cup Finals? Or did they coast, sweeping teams left and right until they arrived at the finals completely rested and refreshed?

Look at the competition that these teams played along the way, too. A team that through the NHL playoffs but played lesser competition might look great on paper – until they square off against a real deal team, course.

On the flip side, a team that had a tough time getting through the Stanley Cup playoffs against world-class competition might look like less of a sure thing than they are. Research, research, research!

Shop for the best odds possible

Shopping for odds (always) involves hunting down the best NHL betting odds available from different Stanley Cup betting Arizona platforms. The last thing you want to do is sign up for a single sportsbook and just use whatever NHL playoffs odds they give you on every wager.

Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of players do. And that’s why lots of people don’t make a bunch of money on the Stanley Cup. Not you, though.

No, now you know how important it is to get hooked up with at least two or three Stanley Cup betting Arizona platforms right out of the gate. This lets you shop lines, shop Stanley Cup winner odds, and find wagers that offer you the most value.

The idea here is to find the wagers you want with the best possible chance to win, regardless of what sportsbook those odds might be on. Here are a couple of great sports betting sites in Arizona you’ll want to research for the best odds available:

  • BetMGM
  • PointsBet
  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • Barstool Sportsbook

Lock in your wagers

The last piece of the puzzle is to simply lock your NHL series odds in place, kick back, and watch the games unfold.

Stanley Cup games are action-packed from start to finish. NHL playoff hockey is unlike anything else under the sun. Even casual fans get sucked up in the energy and the excitement. Having money on the line is only going to ramp those feelings up even more. So get ready to rock ‘n’ roll!

Stanley Cup betting options


All right, here’s where the rubber starts to meet the road. Let’s break down some of the more famous Stanley Cup betting options you’ll have available when you’re ready to get some skin in the game.

Game by game betting

Sportsbooks in Arizona will handicap every game of the Stanley Cup Finals. This allows players to bet on each game’s outcome as well as the entire series. So there’s a lot of freedom and a lot of flexibility in these kinds of wagers, too.

Maybe you’re feeling great about one team coming out hot straight out of the gate. At the end of the game (a blowout in your favor), though, a star player gets hurt. Maybe you don’t feel so confident about Game 2, so you sit things out, waiting until Game 3 to get back in.

Every quality Stanley Cup betting Arizona book will let you do exactly that without a headache and without any hassle.

You’ll be able to:

  • Bet the Moneyline (pick a single game winner)
  • Bet the puck line (hockey’s version of the spread)
  • Bet the over/under (totals)
  • And will be able to bet props, parlays, and other live betting wagers

Series betting

If you aren’t interested in single-game Stanley Cup betting action, though, maybe NHL series odds are more attractive. NHL series odds let you pick a series winner, essentially picking who you think goes home with the Stanley Cup.

This is kind of like a “super Moneyline” pick when looking at just NHL series odds, but there are other series options as well. You can usually bet some sort of NHL series puck line. But, of course, you can always bet totals on the number of goals scored by both teams during the whole Stanley Cup Finals, too.

Prop bets, live betting, and NHL futures (lock in your Stanley Cup pick before the series starts) popular picks also.

Futures bets

Speaking of futures bets, plenty of people like to lock in NHL futures before the season starts and before the playoffs begin. Before the season is when you’re going to find the most generous NHL futures odds available. This is when you can pick a team to win the Stanley Cup before any games happen played.

For the playoffs kickoff, though, the odds are a little depressed. Not much, but a little.

You’ll still be able to get in NHL Stanley Cup odds that are halfway decent (and pay pretty well). Only this time, you’ll have a winnowed-down selection of teams to pick from. The regular season will have weeded out some of the competition for the Stanley Cup!

Some Stanley Cup betting Arizona platforms even let you put NHL futures bets down before the Finals start. You’ll usually be able to pick the future Finals winner right up until puck drop of the first game.

Stanley Cup betting tips and tricks


Now that we have all of that squared away let’s get into the meat and potatoes.

These are Stanley Cup betting tips and tricks that have the potential to pay off big time. These are the things you’ll want to keep in mind when you put money down on playoff hockey.

Public sway isn’t as strong with hockey

Veteran sports bettors understand that public money is usually “dumb money” and sways towards the favorite. Well, in the world of hockey betting, that isn’t always the case.

There’s not quite as much betting action because hockey is a less popular sport than baseball, football, and basketball, there’s. This has a trickle-down effect, and you might not see the kind of heavy favorite betting in hockey you see elsewhere. Don’t be surprised if Stanley Cup odds don’t swing around puck drop the way they might in football or basketball.

Don’t expect a lot of line movement

This kind of dovetails with what we mentioned a moment ago. Because there’s not as much money pumping into Hockey odds as other sports, there’s a lot less line movement. This results in a lot less movement for sharps to take advantage of. That means that the odds are going to bounce around all over the place.

You shouldn’t be surprised if NHL playoff odds stay pretty close to what they opened at by the time the puck drops.

Shop for odds early and often

Of course, this should not stop you from shopping for the best NHL playoff odds available. It would be best if you were on the hunt for value lines whenever they drop. And you never know when a book is going to update its lines.

Be sure that you are a member of a couple of online gambling Arizona platforms to capitalize on this movement. These line jumps are rare but can be insanely valuable. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity for a big payoff.

Get on a couple of books, and you’ll be good to go!

FAQ’s About betting on the Stanley Cup in Arizona

Can I bet on the Stanley Cup from Arizona?

Betting on the Stanley Cup is 100% legal in the state of Arizona. Best of all, you’ll be you will get in on Stanley Cup betting action from your phone or computer, too. Online gambling on the Stanley Cup is also 100% legal in the state of Arizona these days!

Are prop bets available during the Stanley Cup?

Some of the most popular Stanley Cup betting Arizona options are prop bets! People love to bet on which team will score the first goal and get the most penalty minutes. They love to bet on how long the national anthems will be. They love to bet on how many sticks will get broken in a game. Prop bets bring a lot of energy and a lot of excitement to Stanley Cup odds action. So look for prop bets you want to get in on, even if it’s just for little fun!

What’s the most straightforward kind of bet to make during the Stanley Cup?

Betting on the Stanley Cup isn’t all that challenging, but some wagers are certainly easier to get into than others. Compared to every other option out there, though, nothing is more accessible than betting the Moneyline.
All you have to do – literally all you have to do – with the money line is pick the winner of the game. It’s a real binary kind of choice. It doesn’t matter how many goals a team wins by, either. They can win by five goals, or they can win by one in overtime. It makes absolutely no difference. As long as they win (and you picked them), you are going home a winner, too.

How reliable are expert picks?

Expert Stanley Cup betting picks are always a little shaky, even if they come from “analysts” and “professionals” on TV. No, if you want advice about how to make more brilliant picks with Stanley Cup odds, pay attention to professional bettors. Even better, pay attention to how lines and Stanley Cup winner odds shift when sharp money comes in.
Sharp money lets you know where the pros are putting their cash. It’s rarely a bad bet to put your money there, too.

Are parlays a smart wager during the Stanley Cup?

Parlays can get a bit complex and difficult to hit, especially with hockey. So make sure that you know what you are getting into. This is the kind of Stanley Cup betting you’re interested in.