NFL Draft betting in Arizona

In this review, we are going to discuss everything you will need to know about NFL draft betting in Arizona. We will talk about the different bets you can place when drafts are on and the best sportsbooks to check out for NFL draft odds.

Guide to betting on the NFL Draft in AZ

Every off-season, the NFL Draft will host a draft to determine which amateur and semi-professional football players have what it takes to play for the NFL Draft in the upcoming season. If you enjoy sports betting, you’ll be happy to know that there will be a great selection for NFL draft betting lines. So let’s take a look at what you need to know about NFL draft betting Arizona.

Best NFL Draft betting list in Arizona

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Where to place bets for the NFL draft in Arizona


Just because the football betting season in AZ hasn’t started yet doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on the betting lines. There are many legal sportsbooks that are worth checking out in Arizona. If you want to see the best NFL draft bets, then you need to check out any of the following sportsbooks.

Before joining a sportsbook, always review what banking methods are compatible with their website. Most sportsbooks accept several payment options for collecting deposits, and most of these are instant (always review this with the sportsbook).

However, many sportsbooks are limited in their banking options for collecting winnings. Make sure they accept a banking option you already have. All sportsbooks listed below are legal and licensed to operate online sports betting in Arizona.

In order to be eligible for a membership, you will need to be 21 years of age and in the state of Arizona. In addition, the sportsbook you choose may require a social security number for verification purposes. Always have it ready when joining a new sportsbook.

1: Fanduel NFL Draft betting

Fanduel is one of the most popular sportsbooks in Arizona because of the mobile app. It is just as clean and speedy as the desktop version. So when bettors watch NFL drafts away from home, they can still get their bets in without worry.

2: William Hill NFL Draft bets

William Hill has been operating for many years and has earned a very good reputation among punters. They have competitive odds, a wide market selection, and even a helpful early cash-out feature.

3: Bally Bet NFL Draft odds

Bally Bet keeps their betting lines fun for members. There are many chances to increase the betting odds for NFL draft betting in Arizona with their exclusive promotional offers.

4: BetMGM NFL Draft betting

Players love the NFL draft betting lines available at BetMGM. They can start playing right away because the verification process is instant for qualifying members. If they win their NFL draft bets, they can cash out quicker, too!

5: Caesars Sports NFL Draft odds

Caesars Sports is another great sportsbook worth mentioning because they have many chances to win with NFL draft betting in Arizona. Increase your chances of winning with one of their many exclusive offers for new and existing members.

6: DraftKings NFL Draft

For bettors who love to increase their odds of seeing a prize, DraftKings is the sportsbook to join. Every day there is a new contest for members to participate in. In addition, the NFL draft betting lines stay competitive, making the betting experience a lot more exciting.

7: WynnBet NFL Draft betting

WynnBet has gotten a lot of praise for its reliable customer support team. They make it easier for members to manage their sportsbooks and have a good experience when betting on the NFL draft in Arizona.

8: Unibet NFL Draft betting

Sportsbook members want a betting app that won’t let them down when they’re out watching the draft. Players can use this app with ease, knowing that all their wagers will make it in on time.

Options for NFL draft betting in Arizona


Are you ready to start betting on NFL drafts? You’re in luck! There are plenty of betting options for NFL drafts in most online sportsbooks. There may even be more options than the regular NFL betting season. While there are a lot of different bets to choose from, each NFL draft betting line is very straightforward and simple to follow.

When you’re ready to get in on the fun and put a wager down, you should know a thing or two about the different NFL draft betting lines. So let’s take a look at some of the different bets you can place when the draft starts.

NFL first player drafted

This is a very straightforward bet to place. Simply bet on which player you think will be drafted first. If that player gets picked first, you win the bet.

NFL team’s first player drafted

Bet on which player a specific team will draft first. Before placing a wager on this NFL draft betting line, always consider the number pick that the team has for the draft and how many players are available.

NFL draft position of team’s first pick

For this betting line, you won’t have to consider any players or their stats. Instead, you will wager on which position a team’s first player drafted will be.

NFL team to draft player markets

If you’re familiar with the stats and habits of the players in the draft, you may enjoy your NFL draft odds with a team to draft player market bets. This bet allows you to bet on which players will get picked by which teams.

Always consider the rotation of the teams’ picks when placing these bets. Star players who excel on the field are likely to get drafted by one of the first teams in the drafting rotation.

NFL draft prop bets

Many sportsbooks will have prop bets available for NFL draft betting lines as well. They often get creative with these types of bets and allow bettors to bet on aspects of the draft rounds that don’t involve when a player gets picked.

NFL draft totals

You may have placed wagers on totals bets while watching an NFL game during the season. NFL draft totals are very similar, but instead of betting on the score, you will wager on the players. The sportsbook will predict how many players get drafted, and you can bet on whether you think the number will be over or under its total.

NFL player draft positions market

A line will be predetermined for every player in the sportsbook. Bettors will then have the opportunity to place a wager on individual players on whether they think they will get drafted over or under the sportsbook’s line.

NFL first player drafted per position market

There are many different positions that the NFL is drafting for. Therefore, bettors will get the opportunity to place wagers on which players they predict will be drafted first for different positions.

NFL top draft picks market

The sportsbook will have different number markers predetermined. You can then bet on different players to be selected within these numbers. Most sportsbooks will offer ranges of:

  • Top 3
  • Top 5
  • Top 10
  • Top 32

FAQs about NFL Draft betting in Arizona

What should every bettor know about NFL draft odds in AZ?

When you look at the NFL draft betting lines, you’ll notice some players are listed with positive numbers, and others have negative. The player with the positive number is considered an underdog, so the outcome is always more favorable for the bettor if they win. However, this is a riskier bet because the player with the negative number has a better chance of being first.

How do I know if my information is safe with an AZ sportsbook?

All the sportsbooks we mentioned above have certificates in place for security. However, if you choose to use a different sportsbook, there’s a simple way to see if they are secure. First, always look at the URL bar to see if there is a lock symbol located before the website address.

What should I know about NFL draft betting Arizona before joining a sportsbook online?

Always compare your options for NFL draft betting before you’ll join a Arizona online gambling site. You may be attracted to a great bonus offer, but there is more to look at to determine if the sportsbook is worth a try. We strongly recommend checking out customer reviews for different sportsbooks to get a better idea of how they really operate.

What are the best promotional offers for NFL draft betting Arizona?

Many sportsbooks will offer a great welcome bonus to new members that you can use for NFL draft betting lines. Two of the welcome bonuses that we highly recommend are insurance bonus bets and deposit matches. Insurance bonus bets give you a second chance if your first bet loses.

When did the NFL drafts begin?

The NFL draft first began on February 8th, 1936 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia. Back then, everything was written on a blackboard to determine the drafts. There will be 7 rounds every year in the NFL draft which are usually held towards the end of April.