CFP betting Arizona

Millions of fans all over the country (and the world) countdown the dog days of August, waiting for kickoff. Every year college programs fight it out to win their conference, get into the CFP betting in AZ, and (hopefully) win the College Football Championship title. If you’ve been dreaming about betting on that kind of action, this is the perfect guide for you!

CFP online sports gambling in AZ

Regardless of whether or not you want to bet on your alma mater (maybe the University of Arizona or Arizona State), we have all the tips and tricks you’ll need below.

In this CFP sports gambling Arizona guide, you’ll learn:

  • What to expect when gambling on CFP betting odds.
  • Specific strategies for bigger payoffs when betting on college football.
  • How to find the proper CFP betting Arizona sportsbook to guarantee everything goes smoothly.

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Best CFP betting sites in Arizona


Right out of the gate, it’s essential to understand that NCAAF betting odds are a different animal than the NFL games. Many people who bet on NFL games think that there’s a 1:1 transfer of tips, tricks, and strategies to the college game. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth!

Sure, at the end of the day, two teams will still be playing a football game in the CFP. But the rules, the NCAA football championship odds, and strategies you’ll want to use will likely be wildly different than in the NFL. Let’s run through some of the most important differences to focus on right now.

Bigger spreads

For one thing, the CFP betting Arizona point spreads are usually much wider apart than the NFL game. When you’re talking about the NFL, a point spread of 10 points or more is almost astronomical. It’s super rare to see except in very lopsided contests.

In the college game, though, it’s not unusual to see 30 point, 40 point, or 50 point spreads. That’s because the level of competition can be all over the place, even when we are talking about CFP Arizona betting opportunities. Plenty of teams “sneak” into the playoffs now (it happened less in the past) and bump against dominant programs.

Does anybody remember the 2013 CFP? That’s when Notre Dame (1) played Alabama (2) and got massacred. Alabama won the game 42 to 14 and would have easily covered a spread of 27.5 points. Be prepared for bigger spreads for sure.

Smaller betting pool

It’s also important to remember that fewer people will get in on CFPp odds. The college game is super popular (millions of people watch it every week), but it’s not the NFL. That means fewer people are watching and fewer people are betting, especially when it comes to things like CFP prop bets, for example.

Lower betting pools (usually) mean less potential profit unless you throw down a mountain of money on a wager. CFP betting Arizona players are going to want to be aware of this before they jump right in.

Coaching and matchups matter

In the professional game, coaching certainly matters. Just look at what Bill Belichick does with a new Patriots team every year. At the same time, though, all other coaches are closer to Belichick’s level – and usually light-years above the college game.

Great college coaches (like Saban in Alabama) have a much easier time dominating lower-level coaching prospects. A team has to be particularly talented and well-coached to have a chance against perennial juggernaut Alabama.

The same is true for matchups. A great quarterback can totally transform NCAAF football championship odds on their own unless they’re going up against a monster of defense, of course!

It’s critically important that you take the time to research matchups and CFP Arizona spreads. It’s the only way to know what kind of bet you should be making on a CFP game!

Travel matters, too

Most college playoff games (bowl games) are going to be played at “neutral locations.” Even still, some of these locations feel like home games for major programs nationally. For example, LSU, Alabama, Clemson, USC, Ohio State, Michigan, Texas teams, and a handful of others really travel well.

It doesn’t matter if those teams are playing at home or not. The stadium is usually going to be filled top to bottom with their fans. So that makes it feel like a home game!

On top of that, many bowl games are (understandably) played in the South and the West of the United States. A lot of the best college football teams in the country also come from the South and the West. So those teams don’t have a lot of travel time in front of them to get to these neutral sites.

This means they arrive more rested, refreshed, and ready to go than teams that have to travel clear across the country.

For example, the Georgia Bulldogs playing in the Peach Bowl (almost always played in Atlanta) aren’t going to have to go very far at all. But, on the other hand, Oregon State would have to travel quite a bit to get to that game. And that could make a world of difference!

It’s something to consider when looking at CFP betting Arizona options, anyway.

CFP Betting Strategies


Now let’s dig a little bit deeper into specific strategies that can help you win more often.

Don’t fall in love with stats

Advanced stats and metrics are a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to modern sports betting success. On the flip side of things, though, stats can be very misleading – especially at the college level.

As we highlighted earlier, the college football game (even during the CFP) isn’t as consistent as the NFL. The level of competition is often pretty tight, especially during the playoffs, but you still get real outlier games every now and again.

On top of that, you have to look at what a team had to go through to get to the CFP before you can analyze their stats. There’s a massive difference between a team like Alabama that had to play everybody good to get to the title game and Clemson walking in. So schedule and playoff opponents, in particular, really mean a lot.

Pay attention to stats for sure but make sure that you put them in the proper context. That can change the way you layout your CFP betting slip.

Jump on hotlines ASAP

Because betting volume is lower in college football, you want to capitalize on hotlines ASAP. This means lines will be bouncing around more frequently, jumping wildly with every bit of money that comes into the market.

If you see great value, you need to jump at the chance to lock it up. You’re not going to see high-volume like you will when betting the NFL. If a sportsbook gets filled with sharps, you are going to miss out on any value CFP spreads would’ve offered.

This is also why we recommend you become a member of multiple sportsbooks.

This lets you shop lines a little bit. You’ll be able to grab fantastic CFP betting opportunities on one book that might have disappeared on another. It’s never a bad idea to have a couple of accounts rocking and rolling.

Pick your spots

The temptation to want to bet the entirety of the CFP betting lines will always be there.

Avoid and push down those temptations as much as possible.

Instead, pick your spots and put the money on “sure things” – or as much of a sure thing as possible. This helps you keep your CFP betting Arizona war chest full. But it also helps you “practice” different kinds of bets and measure CFP odds before the big game.

Throw money around strategically during the initial bowl games, and you’ll be locked to win more money during the title game.

Focus on a conference

If at all possible, try and focus on a single conference (one of the power conferences) during the regular season.

Watch SEC football all the time, for example, and you’ll have a better idea of what these SEC teams are all about. You’ll know if Alabama is “for real” or more of a paper tiger when they get into the playoffs.

If you want to diversify your attention slightly, though, pay attention to the SEC, the ACC, the Big 10, and the Pac 12. These are the conferences that are most often represented during the CFP game.

Forget about lower-level bowl games

Every year now, different bowl games get rotated into and out of the CFP structure.

While the temptation might be to put money down on the Peach Bowl every year, that might be a “lesser game” one year. If the game doesn’t have any playoff implications or zero chance, the teams are less likely to take it all that seriously.

That means the odds of something really wild happening during the game skyrocket significantly. Make sure that all of the CFP betting choices you’re making are linked to the national title game. That means the stakes will be high all the time!

CFP sportsbooks AZ


Regardless of the CFP betting Arizona strategies you use, finding the right sportsbook is a decision you must get right.

There are a couple of things to look for to find the top Arizona sportsbook these days, too. But, of course, we are talking about something that include:

  • A CFP sportsbook that offers the kinds of AZ online gambling action you want to do
  • A sportsbook CFP with an excellent reputation for customer service and fast payouts
  • CFP Sportsbooks that makes it easy to get money into and out of your account
  • A sportsbook that has a clean, well-optimized user interface

A sportsbook with a really easy to understand betting slip (hopefully optimized for your phone). As well as a sportsbook that takes your security and privacy very seriously.

In an effort to help you find the best CFP betting Arizona platforms on the market today, here are five of our favorite picks.

  • Bet MGM – Great sportsbook from legendary casino and resort company
  • PointsBet – Always generous deposit bonuses, new account bonuses, and lots of wager opportunities
  • DraftKings – Built from the ground up with mobile sports betting in mind
  • FanDuel – Possibly the best and easiest to use the live betting platform today
  • Barstool Sportsbook – Amazing community filled with Barstool personalities

FAQs about CFP betting AZ

Is it a good idea to bet against the spread?

Betting against the spread can be a bit of a risky proposition when analyzing Football odds in AZ. Still, it really all comes down to the matchup in the game that you are handicapping.

How often does the underdog win the College Football Championship?

During bowl season, underdogs win nearly 37% of the time. That’s definitely something to consider when analyzing College Football Championship betting Arizona odds.

Can I live bet the national championship game?


How risky are the Playoff futures?

The majority of top-tier Arizona sportsbooks are going to let you live bet the national title game. FanDuel in specific makes this really, really easy.

Is it legal to bet on the CFP in Arizona?

College Football Championship playoff futures are always a little risky. It’s hard to know what program will be great a year in advance, let alone five years or even ten years in the future.