NCAA Basketball betting Arizona

Arizonans are in for a treat. NCAA basketball betting in Arizona is now legal. With no restrictions placed on college basketball, it’s time to learn which online sports betting sites offer the best college hoop action.

Guide to betting on the NCAAB in AZ

This guide will go over all the details about betting on NCAA Division I men’s basketball. We’ll talk about how betting on college basketball works, the different kinds of bets you can make, and some tips to get you started on betting on the Arizona Wildcats.

Best AZ NCAA online betting sites

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NCAAB Arizona betting apps


College basketball draws a lot of extensive betting action across Arizona’s licensed online sportsbooks. Here’s a look at some of the best websites and apps to place your next NCAA betting picks with:

  • BetMGM
  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • William Hill
  • Caesars Sports
  • Bally Bet
  • WynnBET Sportsbook
  • Unibet

NCAA Arizona Division I men’s basketball


There are a total of 351 schools playing a total of 32 conferences in the NCAA’s Division I. Each team typically plays somewhere between twenty-five and thirty-five games in the regular season.

Except for the 2020 season – which was canceled because of the COVID pandemic – the games usually occur between November and March. The annual NCAA Tournament recognizes the conference tournament champions. Thirty-four other teams were picked to seed the field for March Madness.

Then it’s down to sixty-four teams. After that, it gets narrowed down even further to the Sweet 16, then the Elite Eight, and the Final Four, which plays for the National Championship on the tournament’s final weekend.

NCAAB Arizona Wildcats

The Arizona Wildcats is the men’s college basketball team representing the University of Arizona. They currently compete in both the NCAA DI and the Pac-12 conference.

Arizona and UA have a long and well-known basketball history. Between the years 1985 and 2009, UA reached the Division I tournament twenty-five years in a row. In addition, several notable point guards have come out of the school.

They’ve reached the final four – auspiciously – on four occasions. And they rank 11th of all-time, heading into the current season.

NCAAB: how college basketball betting works in Arizona


Placing a basic wager on Basketball in Arizona is not difficult. There are a few different ways to place a bet, so it’s worth going over each of the major ones. We’re going to leave things like March Madness markets aside for the time being and just focus on the basics of college basketball betting.

Live betting

Live betting in Arizona is all the rage right now. This in-play type of wagering is a type of prop bet on games in progress. It’s all thanks to some pretty high-tech that live bets are even possible.

Arizona sportsbooks can offer bets on all levels down to the individual play. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a single basketball game to have nearly a hundred wagers you can choose from.


These basic bets are on which team will win. Simple as that. There are no other factors relevant to the outcome of the bet except the final score. To denote a Moneyline, there is a three-digit number beside the team’s name. Negative numbers mean the team is favored to win.

The listed number is how much you would need to wager to win one hundred dollars. Positive numbers signify those who are not expected to perform. But the best success stories always begin with the underdogs.


Do you think you are more accurate than the sportsbook at guessing what the margin of victory will be? Spreads would be for you if you answered yes.

Sportsbooks set the spread giving plus and minus versions of the same number to each team in any given match. Negative numbers mean that that team is the favorite.

In order to win the bet on this crew, you would need to lose by fewer points than that in the spread.


Parlay betting is when you fold more than one wager into a single bet. The parts of a parley bet are called a leg, and they are often high risk. But with significant risk can come even greater reward.

The reason for the extensive risk profile is because every single leg must get chosen correctly to win. Otherwise, the bet won’t payout. The risk is so considerable that sometimes parleys with more than ten legs are considered quite newsworthy if they are successful.


This is sometimes referred to as “over-under” because of the way this wager gets calculated. To win the totals, you have to pick whether the combined point total of any given game will be under or over the estimate made by the sportsbook.

Pick the right amount on the next Arizona Wildcats game, and you could be in for a big payday!

NCAA – tips for betting in Arizona


NCAA basketball is incredible to watch, but it’s even more fun and rewarding to research and decide which wagers to take. There is only one thing that’s even more fun than all of the above, and that’s winning at whatever wagers you are making.

So, if you are a beginner and you’re looking for a bit of an edge, here are a few terms to begin your journey towards college basketball betting mastery.

Do your own research

We put this at the very beginning because it’s so important. The primary rule about betting is, do your research! Never do what someone tells you to do just because they say so. Dig a little. Do what feels right.

The internet has many educated discussions about college hoops. Some of it is great, some of it is garbage. But it won’t take long for you to sort out what’s the real deal and what isn’t, which places offer sound betting advice, and which places to avoid.

Usually, you can’t go wrong with the big names in sports media like ESPN or CBS Sports. There are also discussion boards aplenty in online groups like Facebook and Reddit. But, as with everything online, use your best judgment.

Watch the games

This may seem like an obvious point to make, but you should be watching as many NCAA basketball games as possible to help you form better opinions based on the data.

Eventually, you’ll find your random guesses beginning to hedge more towards educated guesses. In addition, you’ll get a much better feel for the game if you frequently engage with it and its players. Lots of data get presented and discussed during the game as well as during the post-game analysis.

Focus on one or two teams

There are hundreds of Division I teams across the US. It would be impossible to follow everything going on in the NCAA basketball world. It’s best – especially if you are just starting – to pick one or two teams to follow instead of trying to follow the whole sport.

Follow your picks exclusively and focus your research solely on them. Not only is it easier to become an expert on one team, but it’ll lead to improved win rates.

Situational picks

This is a bit more of an advanced technique, but looking out for rivalry games and scheduling conflicts or any situational upsets can be a rewarding strategy for those who have an eye for this sort of thing.

Knowing what to look out for in this respect is a great way to stay a little ways ahead of the oddsmakers, who are often just paying attention to the current matchups.

Pay attention to the line

Looking for movement in the line – especially just before the game begins – can give you a betting edge. Essentially you’re fading the rest of the betters by moving with the oddsmaker’s predictions just before game time.

FAQs about NCAA Basketball betting in Arizona

Is college basketball legal to bet on in Arizona?

If you are 21 or older and reside in the state, you are free to bet at any licensed Arizona sportsbook. Bet on college basketball and NBA betting options freely. There are no restrictions on NCAA betting in the state. Any licensed sportsbook can offer spread, money line, and totals bets.

When is the NCAA regular season, and how many teams play in Division I?

The regular season happens to begin in November and ends in March. Typically each of the 351 schools will play somewhere between 25 and 35 games, with conference tournaments in March. This all leads us up to March Madness.

Which NCAA team has the most wins?

Can you guess which team has won the most National Championship titles? UCLA with a whopping eleven wins… Even though they haven’t won since 1995. 2019 saw Virginia win, followed by Villanova in 2016 and 2018, North Carolina in 2017, and Duke in 2015.

Is there a difference between NCAA lines in Arizona vs. other states?

No. The vast majority of opening lines for NCAA games will be the same or close across most Arizona sportsbooks, including those at physical establishments. Typically the lines only move if there is heavy one-sided betting.

Does the NCAA have anything to say about online sports betting?

The NCAA and other sports organizations generally don’t support sports betting. They feel it harms the spirit of the game, but there is no evidence that it impacts the games themselves. So this shouldn’t be something you should worry too much about.