MLS betting in Arizona

With a growing fanbase in the U.S., it’s evident to see how Major League Soccer betting is expanding in popularity. Today we’ll dive into the foundation of MLS betting in Arizona, where and how to bet, and FAQs to leave you well-informed and ready for the MLS season.

Guide to MLS betting in AZ

Before placing your bets in Arizona, you’ll have to know more about choosing the right sportsbook. We’ll explain the most important aspects of choosing your site, as well as what you’ll need to set up your account.

Once you have that down, we’ll help guide you through choosing your bets. There is some MLS terminology throughout our how-to as well, so be sure to pay attention to our “words to know” section below. With our overview, you’ll be sure to better understand the MLS betting markets in Arizona, choosing the bets that are best for you.

Best MLS betting list in AZ

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How MLS betting started in Arizona


The world began betting on soccer long before the U.S. We finally decided that we wanted to join in on the fun and bid to host the 1994 World Cup. As part of the bid, Major League Soccer in North America was born. However, while Arizonians were able to watch it early on, betting didn’t legally come into the state until recently.

Thanks to new and approved state laws and regulations, it is now legal to bet on MLS in the state of Arizona. So today, bettors are flocking to legal sites online, eager to place their bets.

Where to bet in AZ

If you’re one of the bettors who want to take advantage of MLS betting in Arizona, your first step is to choose an online sportsbook. Online sportsbooks in AZ are websites or mobile betting apps you will utilize to place your wagers and, hopefully, win big!

There are many legal sportsbooks to choose from in AZ. You’ll want to consider each option’s security standards, customer service, mobile app, website navigation, fees, and withdrawal/deposit options. Online reviews are a good place to start, but make sure to do your own investigation too.

Many bettors use more than one sportsbook to vary their portfolios. This is a great option once you have the hang of your first sportsbook to start.

Best sportsbooks in AZ for MLS odds


If you’re looking for basic information on some of the top sportsbooks for MLS betting picks in AZ, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites and their highlights below.

Pointsbet MLS betting

Pointsbet is known for its eclectic variety of promos and bonuses. They include hefty new member promos, as well as bonuses that continue for ongoing users. Additionally, their security system is top-notch.

Fanduel MLS odds

Fanduel is known for a top-tier interface that provides easy navigation on both desktops and cell phones. Their moneyline pricing stands out as one of the most enticing among competitors.

Draftkings MLS sportsbook

Draftkings knows that an informed bettor is a better bettor. So they provide education and leading pre-game stats to ensure you know all you need to before placing your money on the line.

Wiliam Hill MLS bets

William Hill is one of the oldest and most trusted sportsbooks online. They provide excellent betting odds across multiple betting markets and sports.

BetMGM MLS lines

BetMGM has a nice array of parlay betting options, boosters, and promotions. Their app is a breeze to navigate, and they also have live streaming for most matches and events.

Creating your AZ soccer betting account


Most sportsbooks have a generic requirement list. You may need to fulfill and submit proof of the following:

  • Driver’s license, passport OR military ID
  • Be between 18-21 years old, as specified by the sportsbook and state
  • A bill or bank statement for proof of address
  • A withdrawal/deposit method. Some options include: Electronic check number or bank account, Credit/debit card, PayPal account.

Understanding MLS betting in AZ


MLS betting odds and lines

Your first stop for MLS betting in Arizona is to read and understand the odds offered by a sportsbook. Here is an example of what you might see.

  • Team A -125
  • Team B +220
  • Draw +260

The team with the (-) is the match favorite. The team with the (+) is the underdog. A draw may be displayed if you are betting on the moneyline. Betting on the underdog is always riskier, but you will reap more rewards if they win than if you had bet the same amount on the favorite.

MLS betting words to know

Along with walking the walk, you should know how to talk the talk. MLS betting in AZ encompasses some particular words and phrases. So make sure you stay in the know by reviewing our top terms below.

  • Asian handicap: This is a type of betting that adds a virtual advantage to the underdog team.
  • Draw no bet: A wager option which means you will win if your team wins, but you will get a refund on your wager if the match ends in a tie.
  • Even wager/bet: This is when a bettor places a wager on even odds. Even odds examples are 2.0 or 1/1.
  • Head-to-head betting: This is when you predict the general performance of your team of choice as opposed to the game’s outcome. You can bet one player’s performance will be better than another’s.
  • Single wager: The bettor predicts one event correctly.
  • Full-time result: This type of betting doesn’t include overtime or penalties but instead only considers the end score after the second half.

Types of MLS bets in AZ

You’re finally ready to walk the real walk! You have your sportsbook, know the lingo, and are reading the betting odds with ease. It’s time to understand and choose which bets are best for you.


The most straightforward bet of all is the moneyline. First, you must pick the winner of the event, keeping in mind that one option to choose from is sometimes a draw.

Point Spread

In a point spread bet, the bettor will wager that the favorite will win by X points, or the underdog will lose by less than X. In either of these outcomes, you will win.


Also known as over/under betting, totals require the bettor to predict if the total number of goals that will be scored by both teams will be more or fewer than the sportsbook’s set number. A good frame of reference for this bet is to remember that the average soccer match has a total of 2 goals.


In a parlay, you can combine multiple direct bets into one. Typically, these combinations include spreads, totals, and straight-up bets.


Just as the name implies, futures bets are for future events. Thus, you can bet days, weeks, or months before the event.

Live bets

Live betting is how it sounds; betting during the actual match. These include some prop bets (see below), bets on penalty kicks, and bets around whether there will be another goal during a set time.


Props are all of the little bets that give MLS betting in AZ a buzz. They are more specific and depend on whether a particular action will or will not occur. As a result, props hold a lot of excitement and variety. Some examples are listed below.

Exact score

Just as the name entails, you’ll have to pin the exact end score at the end of the game. You’ll need precision on this bet, but you’ll have more than enough winnings if you get it right!


In this prop bet, you’ll predict which team will be ahead at halftime and the end of the game. Again, this is a good generalized bet where you don’t have to worry about the specific scores.

Next goal

This is another 3-way bet in which you will wager on which team will make the next goal or if there will be no more goals. Because this bet can be made in-game, you’ll have the benefit of watching the flow of the game to help you make a more accurate prediction.

FAQ’s About MLS betting in Arizona

How can I participate in MLS betting in Arizona?

MLS betting is now legal in Arizona. Create an account on a registered AZ sportsbook page and take a look at their betting markets. Once confident in the odds and your choices, you’re ready to place your bet!

What are some MLS betting tips in AZ?

It’s important to research the teams that you’re betting around. Follow up with media outlets up until the match, and choose the best odds depending on the sportsbook(s) you are using.

Which sportsbooks are the best for MLS betting in AZ?

Our favorites include BetMGM, Pointsbet, Draftkings, Fanduel, and William Hill. All are legally licensed and regulated and also have their perks and pros described above.

Which popular MLS predictions can I bet on?

Some common predictions you may wager on include the MLS cup winner and the Golden Boot awardee. Other props include who will score next, halftime scores, or the exact score at the end of the game.

What are good bets for beginners?

New bettors can begin with moneyline bets and totals, as they are more straightforward to understand. Certain props are also good options, such as halftime/full-time bets, exact score bets, and bets on who will score the next goal.