Tennis betting Arizona

Read on to learn the most common sports betting types for Tennis, and our sportsbook picks in Arizona that will give you the best selection of these types. We will also look at some basic stats to consider and a few niche tips to find the best odds.

A quick introduction to tennis betting in Arizona

Tennis betting can be easy to get into but tricky to win big on. Taking the time to secure knowledge on betting types is essential for understanding and placing tennis bets. To boost your winnings, you should also choose multiple sportsbooks to make shopping for odds easier and consider unique ideas for finding valuable bets.

Tennis betting list AZ

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Common betting types for Tennis – Arizona


As most tennis betting types are straightforward, we will run through them briefly.

To win match

To win match bets are also known as Moneylines, and they function exactly as they sound. To win this bet, you need to predict who will win the match.

In Arizona, you will see odds written the American way most often, meaning that they will indicate either how much you can win with a $100 wager (+120) or how much you need to bet to win $100 (-120).

Games spreads tennis

When looking at these bets, the players will have a spread tagged on, usually -2.5 or +2.5. This number handicaps their games, meaning a player with -2.5 will have to win the match even if 2.5 games are subtracted from the game total.

To do this, a -2.5 player would need to win by 3 or more games. However, the +2.5 player would only need to win by 1 game, or they could even lose by two. This is an interesting betting type that you can still win if your player loses the match.

Tennis Total sets

For total sets, you simply predict whether the match will be completed in two sets or if it will go over.

You should consider how players’ specific strategies will interact with each other. For example, a strong server can easily reduce a game to two sets, but two players that excel in volleying can go all day.

Best sportsbooks for Tennis betting Arizona


The following sportsbooks are known for their safety and accreditation. When shopping for sportsbooks in Arizona, you suggest you start here to find the best markets on websites that are easy to navigate.

BetMGM tennis betting

Welcome bonus: $500 deposit bonus

BetMGM is a new bettor’s dream. They have tools that allow you to calculate your potential winnings, and their website and application are easy to get around on. You will have a slimmer variety of betting options for Tennis, but they make a point to cover the basics.

PointsBet Tennis odds

Welcome bonus: $500 insurance bonus bet on fixed-odds; $1,500 for Pointsbetting

If their generous bonuses do not draw you in, then their live betting options should. Lucrative tennis betting relies heavily on live betting, and you will struggle to find a site with more in-game betting options.

DraftKings Tennis bets

Welcome bonus: $500 Insurance bonus bet

This one is for experienced tennis bettors and hardcore fans (or basically anyone who cares for smaller circuits or tournaments). DraftKings has a wider variety of coverage when it comes to these things.

FanDuel Tennis betting

Welcome bonus: $1,000 insurance bonus bet (No Sweat First Bet)

If you can lay that initial insurance bonus bet on a tennis prop bet or future bet, you have won the game. FanDuel will give you the most options for these exotic betting options, and their initial bonus is something that will give you a great boost.

William Hill – betting on tennis

Welcome bonus: $500 insurance bonus bet

William Hill is based out of London, so you are bound to see more options here. They also provide their users with a specialized guide on what to look for when betting on Tennis. Signing up on this sportsbook can be lucrative for that reason alone.

Statistics to consider when betting on Tennis in AZ


There are a variety of statistics to consider when tennis betting, but if you are just getting started (or trying to rebuild your strategy), the three that support your predictions the most are:

  • Aces
  • Breaks
  • Unforced errors

When you look at these numbers on their own, in conjunction with each other, and when considering the player performance, you will have a stronger idea of the outcome of a match. These are also essential in predicting things like game spreads or honing in on prop bet specifics.


A player who serves well will have a major advantage right off the bat. You can expect players with high numbers of aces to get most, if not all, of the points resulting from their serves.

If a player has a low ace count, that does not necessarily mean they are a poor player. You just cannot expect them to get the bulk of their points from aces.

If you know a player is a strong server, that does not necessarily indicate they have a high number of aces. So make sure you look at the numbers before allowing your perception of their performance to cloud your judgment.


High breaks can effectively combat high aces, and low breaks can boost the previous statistic. When you start to see the two side by side, you get a more developed idea of how the match will play out.

If a player is good at both, you can expect a dominating performance unless they face another player who is good at both. Of course, this can also be applied to players who seem to be bad at both.

In these instances, it is especially important to look for other things that can factor into performance, including previous head-to-head matches, weather conditions, court surface, and any recent injuries.

Unforced errors

Unforced errors are more an indication of how well the opposing player will do. If you look at who has the most unforced errors between the two, then you can expect them to have poorer performance.

While this does not indicate a player will lose the match, it does handicap them a bit. Make sure the unforced errors you are seeing are consistent and not the result of previously incomplete recovery or emergence from resting.

Best odds in Tennis sports betting Arizona


Because there are clear favorites in Tennis, it can be difficult to find value bets. You can make a bit of money betting on -5000 odds, but if you want to make this more lucrative, you need to think outside the box.

Betting on props and futures

Look for a Arizona online gambling site that regularly offers prop and future bets. Even if you choose to bet on bigger names like Djokovic, Federer, or Nadal, you can find prop bets and future bets that stand a much better chance of dishing out some serious money.

While the winner of a match may be obvious, prop bets up the stakes. Will they win in straight sets? How many games will be played? These more minute details can be transformed into a valuable opportunity.

With future bets, you have an extended window of betting, and the odds change over time. These are more commonly offered in major tournaments.

Betting on women’s Tennis

If you are looking for more diverse odds, you can also consider betting on women’s Tennis. While there are still some clear favorites, their wins are not nearly as consistent as they are in the men’s circuits.

This results in odds that are much more temperable for bettors. Therefore, you should not run into many instances where the odds are outrageously stacked on one specific end.

You may still see dominance by players like Serena Williams, but overall, the matches have more variance.

FAQ’s About Tennis sports betting Arizona

What are the different types of betting odds?

Apart from Moneylines, you will also see fractional odds and decimal odds. The fractional odds will look something like 11/4, and they indicate win/stake. Decimal odds will look like 3.75, and they will show the amount you win for every $1 wagered.

Should the weather be considered when wagering on tennis sports betting in Arizona?

Weather can indicate specific things about player performance, but it can also move the match to a different time or location. Your bet should still be valid, but make any changes into consideration.

Can you win a lot of money off tennis betting?

Tennis has plenty of betting opportunities that give you chances to win big. Your best chance at winning big involves straying from the more popular betting options and favored wins. Instead, look for smaller tournaments or new head-to-head opportunities for better odds.

Should you bet on underdogs?

With the proper background, betting on underdogs can be a lucrative way to bet. This applies more to betting on new players than betting on those out of form. Oddsmakers will have less information on them, giving you a chance to get the upper hand.

Are parlays a bad idea?

Parlays are not a safe betting option for the most part. There are increased chances for you to lose. You will be better off with multiple straight bets than you will be betting on a parlay.