Darts betting Arizona

Darts betting is one of the most surprising stars of legal AZ sports betting. Sports betting fans in the state are discovering how enjoyable darts betting Arizona can be. It also delivers extensive betting opportunities and an incredible depth of markets.

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Best Darts betting brands in Arizona

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Getting started with darts betting Arizona

There are multiple darts leagues and events held throughout the year.

You’ve also got a betting menu that ranges from your standard moneylines and futures to checkouts and 180s. The learning curve in darts betting can be as steep as you want it—and your betting strategy can go as deep as you dare.

And with the sport called darts being so popular, all the top AZ sportsbooks want to lure your betting dollars with generous bonuses and competitive odds. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to bet on darts in Arizona and get the most out of your darts betting Arizona experience.

Darts betting Arizona markets


One of the best things about betting on darts is the range of betting types. You can keep it simple by picking the winner—which can be suspiciously simple. At the other end of the scale, you could wager on the most 180s, the 170 checkout, or any number of match props.

In this section, we’re giving you a walk-through of the most common darts betting types in Arizona.

Darts betting Arizona markets: match winner

This is the darts equivalent of a moneyline bet. You place a wager on who will win a specific matchup.

Darts betting Arizona odds: correct score

With a correct score wager, you’re picking the specific score in any matchup. It’s a classic high risk / high reward bet, offering better payouts than a standard moneyline bet—but also being a lot more difficult to call correctly.

Let’s say Van Gerwen is matched against Peter Wright in a best of 12 final. If you pick the final score as Van Gerwen 7 – 5 Wright, and that is the final score, you can collect a tidy payout.

Darts betting in Arizona: 170 checkout

Here’s a quick explainer if you’re new to the world of darts. A 170 is the maximum possible checkout allowed in a leg of darts. You checkout on 170 by hitting the triple 20 twice (a total score of 120) and then going out on the double bullseye for 50.

It’s really hard—but that’s why pro dart players get the big bucks, right? With a 170 checkout, you’ve got two options:

  • You wager on how many players you think will record it during an event or tournament.
  • You wager as a yes or no. Yes, someone will hit a 170 checkout—or no, nobody will hit it.

Darts betting AZ markets: 180s

You’ve got a few options when it comes to 180s in a darts tournament—the highest possible score a player can get with 3 darts.

  • Most 180s: you put your money on which of the two players will hit the most 180s in their matchup.
  • Total 180s: this is a familiar structure if you’ve ever placed a totals bet in any other sport. The sportsbook will set a figure for the total number of 180s achieved in a matchup, and you wager on whether you expect the real number to be over or under that.
  • Player 180s: Similar to total 180s, except you’re betting on the number of 180s achieved in a match by a single player—instead of the total number achieved in the match by both players.
  • First 180: Pretty straightforward—you wager on which player will be the first to hit 180 in a match.

AZ darts betting markets: 9 dart finish

Essentially, a 9 dart finish means the player throws a total of 9 darts for a total of 501 points. To do this, a traditional 9 dart finish involves a player throwing for 180 points twice, and checking out on 141.

With a 9 dart finish in darts betting, you’re wagering on whether a player will check out on 9 darts.

Darts betting in AZ: futures betting

Futures betting in darts is usually used to add value to a bet on the PDC World Championship. By getting in early with a solid theory, you can lock in strong odds before oddsmakers, and potentially boost your bankroll.

Darts betting in Arizona markets: and the rest

In addition to these markets, you’ve also got the tried and tested sportsbook winners:

  • Parlays: these are your accumulator bets across multiple outcomes.
  • Prop bets: additional betting opportunities put out by sports betting sites in Arizona.
  • Spreads: Leg spreads, alternate spreads, and other variations based on different values (sportsbook dependent).

Darts live betting Arizona

Darts live betting Arizona is incredibly popular, and lets darts fans get in on the action as it unfolds. Darts is fast-moving and dynamic, so watching it progress and betting at the same time—it’s like the perfect storm.

During live darts betting in AZ, opportunities will appear at your sportsbook to reflect what’s going on in the event. Odds will change rapidly, so live betting is ideal for fans who can think on their feet and analyze stats on the fly.

Darts betting Arizona strategies


Researching darts metrics can be fun when you’ve got the time and inclination. If not, you can mitigate hits to your bankroll by looking for a player’s potential edge, and employing some basic analytics. In this section, we’re giving you some basics to get you started.

Spot a mismatch

Especially in the early stages of darts tournaments, mismatches are commonplace. You’re likely to see one of the golden boys or girls of the game pitted against a relative novice—and you’ll want to pounce on that.

These mismatches can drive your profit early on, but keep in mind that there are never any guarantees. You’ll do a lot better betting on an underdog in a major upset.

Go against the grain

Just because one player is slated as the favorite in a match, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they’ll also score the most 180s. Betting on the underdog in the most 180s market can be a profitable tactic—provided you do your homework across the other stats.

Watch the rising stars

Newcomers to the darts circuit can offer good value if you’ve got a watchful eye. Here in the US we’re not known for producing top darts players, for example. If someone catches your eye, keep track of them—you could be in for some profitable odds if you back them before anyone else notices.

The top Arizona darts betting tournaments


If you’re adding darts to your sports betting lineup, it’s time to learn about the leagues. Fortunately, watching darts is even more fun than betting on it, so it’s easy to stay across the action. Here are some of the biggest tournaments to watch.

The PDC World Championship for darts betting Arizona

The World Championship is typically held at the end of the year, and every reputable Arizona bookie is competing to list the most competitive futures odds closer to the time. The PDC World Championship is so big that the final event is usually held at Alexandra Palace in London.

World darts championship betting is the main option at most AZ sportsbooks.

The PDC Darts at Home Tour – darts betting Arizona

The world changed when the global pandemic hit—and darts tournaments changed along with it. The Darts at Home Tour runs live from top players homes. From April onwards, players compete in best of 9 legs matches in a round robin tournament.

Most of our key sportsbooks built odds around the live-streamed tour, and many even allow their members to watch the action in-app.

Modus Icons of Darts Live League for darts betting AZ

A similar concept to the PDC Darts at Home Tour, the Icons League pits some of the world’s most famous darts players against up and coming new stars. The matches are live-streamed in real time, and often offered in-app via AZ sportsbooks—along with live in play betting.

The US Darts Masters for darts betting Arizona

Nowhere near as big as the PDC World Championship—arguably the biggest event of the darts year—it’s a good place to build your betting muscles and test-drive some theories.

AZ sportsbooks that offer darts betting


These Arizona sportsbooks are legal, licensed, and offer competitive bonuses, a good depth in the betting menus, and a range of darts betting markets.


Quality live darts betting, outright betting and match analysis for the PDC Darts Championships and Modus Icons tournaments.


Great depth in darts betting with coverage of PDC darts tournaments and the Modus Icons live-streamed events.

Golden Nugget sportsbook AZ

Competitive offerings from the Golden Nugget include the PDC World Darts Championship, PDC World Matchplay, and the Grand Slam.


One of the most responsive and user-friendly mobile apps in Arizona, plus Wynn delivers a reasonable betting menu in most of the PDC major leagues.

BallyBet AZ

Bally has already teamed up with the biggest darts association in the US, so it’s unsurprising that they deliver a stellar lineup of PDC events. They’re also one of the only AZ sportsbooks to cover the US Darts Masters.

DraftKings AZ

Arguably one of our biggest sportsbooks, DraftKings offers live betting and live-streaming in-app for the PDC Darts at Home Tour, the World Darts Championship, and the Modus Icons tournament.

BetRivers AZ

We like the competitive bonuses and daily odds boosts, but we’d like to see more than just the PDC Worlds on offer in their betting markets.

Betfred AZ

Being a UK sportsbook, it goes without saying that Betfred can deliver in the darts betting sphere. Ultra-competitive betting menus across the darts markets, quality live-betting, and expert analysis make Betfred a top pick for darts bettors.

Twinspires AZ

Twinspires should be on heavy rotation for new darts betting fans. It delivers key insights and expert analysis of upcoming matches. Understandably, it’s darts betting menus are expansive, too.


Long the go-to for stats and predictions in sports betting, Unibet are quickly building out their darts betting profile. Tune in to enjoy quality live betting in the key PDC tournaments.

Barstool Sportsbook

Although Barstool is yet to make a major impact on the betting market, its growing membership base and strong odds are garnering it massive attention. We’re enjoying the strong darts betting futures and competitive odds.

A summary of darts betting in Arizona


When it comes to learning the ins and outs of Arizona darts betting, you can dig as deep as you want to. You can also enjoy a quality betting experience without analyzing anything. Darts is equally entertaining for novice bettors and expert analysts.

Pro darts tournaments have expanded their reach, and are almost as popular in the US market as they are in the UK, Europe, and Australasia. This all-out pro extravaganza is colorful, chaotic, and comes with enormous prize money for the players—and potentially a tidy profit for you.

Arizona darts betting FAQs

What is a checkout when betting on darts in Arizona?

In every leg of your darts match, you throw three darts. You start with 501 points, and play as many legs as you need to reach zero points (or for your opponent to reach zero points). Reaching zero allows you to checkout, which means winning the leg.

What is a match treble in AZ darts betting?

It’s a specific type of bet. Similar to a parlay, you will need to call three outcomes correctly—the match winner, the highest checkout, and the most 180s.

What is the best sportsbook for darts betting in Arizona?

All our top AZ gambling picks can deliver an excellent darts betting experience, so shop around for the best bonuses and deals for your style.

Can I bet on international darts tournaments in Arizona?

Yes. In fact, most of the biggest tournaments in the world are played outside the US.

How old do I need to be to bet on darts?

You must be at least 21 years old to bet on darts in Arizona.