Olympics betting Arizona

On this page, we want to provide a beginner’s guide to Olympics 2024 betting Arizona. This includes the best sportsbooks, betting odds, and betting tips for this major international event.

Guide to betting on the Olympics 2024 Arizona

Your choice of Olympics sportsbook will be dependent on the events that you want to be focusing on when it comes to Olympics betting Arizona. However, it is also important that you have a plan of attack regarding the bets that you make. This will ensure that you stand the greatest chance of walking away with some cash from your bets.

AZ olympics betting at Arizona sportsbooks

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Best Arizona sportsbooks for Olympics betting


To save you a bit of time going through the dozens and dozens of sportsbooks in Arizona, we figured that we would make things a little bit easier for you and point you in the direction of the sportsbooks that we use when we are betting on major events.

Do bear in mind that because the Olympics is a major event with a lot of people betting, each of these sites will bring something a bit different to the table. We suggest that you check out a few of them to see if they offer the betting markets that you want. Serious gamblers through the Olympics may need to be signed up to three or four sportsbooks:

Top tips for Olympics betting Arizona


Let’s start with sharing a few tips that will help to increase the odds of you winning some cash from your bets.

Focus on specific events

This is probably the most important tip that we can share with you. There are a lot of events happening at each and every Olympics. But, chances are that you only know a few of them. Now, you may tune in to a few of the lesser-known sports and feel that you are capable of betting on them. However, trust us, you aren’t.

You must focus only on sports that you understand. In an ideal world, you will only focus on 2-3 different events at the most. This will allow you to focus your research properly. Blanket betting on the Olympics never works. Don’t let anybody tell you that it does. If somebody has won from blanket betting, you can bet your bottom dollar that comes from luck.

Research…a lot

This is why you need to be focusing on just a few sports. You need to really be focusing on the research that you carry out. You need to have an idea of what a sport entails. This means performances of individual athletes in singles events and as teams in team events.

The great thing about the Olympics is that this is not the only time of the year where many of these events are held. No. Not everything is going to be broadcast on TV, but there will be major events happening all the time. For example, if you chose to bet on Archery, then there are plenty of Archery events you can look at for research.

Betting tips will be available for most of the events if you carry out a quick Google search or two.

Use multiple sportsbooks

It is vital that you check out multiple sportsbooks, particularly if you are planning on putting down a rather healthy sum of cash on your bets. This will ensure that you are always going to be getting in on the Olympic action at the right price.

Establish a bankroll

The Olympics takes place over the course of 2-weeks. Our recommendation is that at the start of these two weeks, you set yourself up a bankroll. This is just money that you have set to one side specifically for gambling. This is money that you can afford to use.

If you set yourself a budget at the start of the Olympics, then you are less likely to overspend. it also means that you think a lot harder about the bets that you are planning on placing.

Don’t bet from the heart

We all have our favorite athletes or teams competing in the Olympics. We may look to past events to get a rough idea about who we believe may win. However, you should never bet from the heart. Old Olympians falter.

Betting from the heart is the curse of every gambler. It is so tempting. The sign of a decent gambler is one that beats temptation. Our suggestion is that if you do not believe that you have the evidence to back up a bet from your research, then you shouldn’t be betting at all.

Betting markets for Olympics 2024 Arizona


One of the issues with discussing individual betting markets for Olympics sports betting is the fact that there are hundreds of them. Every single sport will have different betting markets available. It would be nigh on impossible for us to go through all of them. However, we want to give you a quick overview of the types of betting markets you may encounter.

Futures markets

Futures markets look at what may happen over the course of an individual sport or over the entire Olympics. For example, these are common futures bets:

  • Betting on the country to gain the most medals
  • Betting on the country to win the most gold medals
  • Betting on the winner of the soccer tournament

As long as the bet stretches beyond the result of a single event, then it will be known as a futures bet.


This is one of the simplest bets. You just bet on who will win an event. It doesn’t necessarily have to be who you believe will win the gold medal. You could bet on individual heats or games.


There are a couple of ways to approach this type of bet. The common way is to bet on a certain athlete to finish in the top 3. You may find this referred to as a ‘place bet’. You may also find that these bets can have you bet on the three people you believe will be on the podium.

Prop bets

Prop bets are tougher to explain. This is because they will vary drastically from event to event. You can think of a prop bet as anything that does not necessarily focus on the result. For example, a prop bet may be whether somebody will beat a world record in a certain event. It may look at the number of goals scored in a soccer match, etc.

Betting odds for Olympics betting Arizona


It is all well and good knowing what to bet on. However, success in betting comes from how much you can win. This is where knowing how to read betting odds for the Olympics is probably going to come in incredibly handy.

Knowing the favorite bet

Assuming you are using the American odds system, favorite bets will be highlighted with a – next to the betting odds.

Do note that if you are betting on futures, then it is likely that you will not see a – next to any of the odds. Instead, you will see a + (more on that soon). This does mean that the way in which you determine the favorite is a little bit different. You are just looking for the lowest number following the +. The lower the number, the more of a favorite they are.

Knowing the underdog bet

Underdog bets will be easy to spot. You will see a + next to the odds. Again, this is assuming that you are using the American odds system, which you should be if you are gambling within Arizona.

Determining your winnings

Working out your winnings for your Olympics bet should be dead simple:

  • Favorite bets always show what you need to bet to win $100
  • Underdog bets always show how much you would win if you staked $100

FAQs about Olympics betting in Arizona

When can you start betting on the Olympics in Arizona?

Due to the number of events during the Olympics, you may find that some betting odds will not go live until a few hours before the event.

Do sportsbooks offer different Olympics betting odds?

Yes. Betting odds for the Olympics will vary between sportsbooks. It is important that you spend time looking around if you are planning on gambling a lot of cash.

What Olympics futures bets are available in Arizona?

This will be dependent on the sportsbook. Most sportsbooks should have some sort of futures bet that focuses on the medal table.

Are prop bets available for the Olympics?

Yes. The exact prop bets will be dependent on the event. For example, you will have overall prop bets for the Olympics, but each event will have its own prop bets available.

Can you bet on every event at the Olympics?

Yes. Although not all sportsbooks will offer every event. You may have to hunt around if you are looking to gamble on minor Olympic events.