New betting sites Arizona

Now that the Grand Canyon State is open to the sports betting market, it’s time for Arizona locals to get in on the betting action. The first step? Choosing a sportsbook, of course. Read this guide to find all new betting sites in Arizona, and choose the best one for you.

Guide to new betting sites AZ

But with new sports betting sites hitting the Arizona playing field all the time, how do you choose? What makes one any better than the rest?

We’re here to unpack the best online gambling sites Arizona has on offer. We’ll show you:

  • Why you need new sports betting sites
  • How to research them
  • What to expect from a sportsbook
  • What to look for to sweeten the deal

Plus we’ve got five of the best online betting sites Arizona locals swear by. So let’s get to it.

Top list new betting sites arizona

$25 free on sign up
  • $25 free bet
  • 100% deposit match up to $1,000
  • iOS & Android app

Best new sportsbooks AZ


Now that AZ joined the ever growing list of states to legalize betting in 2021, new Arizona sports books are flooding into the Grand Canyon State. As a result, online searches for new sportsbooks AZ are gaining momentum. Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep up.

Luckily for Arizona sports betting fans, we’ve got you covered.

Our picks for the top 5 new sportsbooks sites in Arizona check all the boxes for trust, user experience, betting odds, variety, and bonuses. Some are new to Arizona, and some are just plain new. Either way, they’re growing—and we’re picking them as top spots for you to grow your sports betting bankroll.

DraftKings New sportsbook AZ

In April 2021, DraftKings announced they were building a new retail sportsbook at TPC Scottsdale. Positioning themselves as one to watch is a strong move for the new-to-AZ sportsbook, which brings with it some pretty stellar drawcards for novice and pro bettors alike:

  • Excellent user interface
  • Excellent functionality in its iOS and Android apps
  • Good bonuses and daily promotions
  • Fast payouts
  • Deep variety in the betting menu

PointsBet AZ New sportsbook

We can’t write an article about sports betting sites in Arizona without mentioning PointsBet new sportsbook AZ arrival. While they might not be a fledgling on the market, they’re a go to for betting fans.

  • High performance in moneyline and spread lines
  • Generous welcome bonuses
  • Excellent odds on the futures market
  • Proprietary Points Betting line

FanDuel Arizona with New sportsbook

FanDuel was quick off the mark when Gov. Ducey signed the HB 2772 bill. Then, they secured a physical base inside the Phoenix Suns Arena in downtown Phoenix, putting themselves front and center for sports betting in Arizona’s biggest city.

FanDuel’s agility as a new sportsbook extends to its features, too:

  • Generous sign up offers
  • Extensive range of betting lines
  • Strong performance in live betting—possibly the best new live betting sportsbook on the market

William Hill new sportsbook Arizona

William Hill knows how to cater to its customers. It moved early to establish itself as a new sportsbook in Arizona, while still capitalizing on its strong reputation in other states:

  • Agile user interface across platforms
  • Competitive odds
  • Boosted odds on moneyline and futures markets
  • Daily promotions

BetMGM Arizona New sportsbook

With the backing of one of the world’s biggest names in sports betting, BetMGM is bound to be one of the top performing new sportsbooks in Arizona in coming months.

  • Instant verification
  • Ultra-fast payouts
  • Some of the most competitive odds in the field
  • One of the best betting sites for parlay betting

One to watch: Caesars New Sportsbook AZ

Backed by betting giant Caesars Palace, and partnering with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Caesars announced their flagship new sportsbook at Chase Field in 2021.

We’re keeping an eye out for some pretty stellar perks:

  • Generous deposit matches of up to $300
  • The no-strings attached $10 credit
  • Seamless mobile apps with high speed and zero lag
  • Functional live betting mode

New sports betting sites Arizona


Every experienced AZ punter knows it takes a little time to build new sports betting stable. So, once you’ve fine-tuned your selection, you stick with it…right? Not necessarily. With the number of new sports betting sites hitting the Arizona market, you’d be smart to shop around every once in a while. Here’s why:

Improved odds with new sports betting sites AZ

The newest sportsbooks need to draw in the bettors—that’s you. They’ve got to be agile, competitive, and possible offer a little more than their more established rivals. So they offer better betting odds. In addition, they get a little more generous in their early days to bring in the crowds and get the action going.

New betting sites know your options. They research their competitors. They analyze their metrics to see how they’re tracking against the up and coming names in sports betting.

The odds may seem negligible at first, but smart sportsbook picks can boost your bankroll. Really. Choosing the sportsbook with the best odds can cushion your bottom line by up to 50% over a 12 month period.

New betting innovations AZ

Every sportsbook is looking for its USP—its unique selling point. Of course, not all of them are going to find them, but it doesn’t stop them trying to turn bettors’ heads. If a new sportsbook hits the scene with a revolutionary feature, you want to be all over it.

Not sure how revolutionary sportsbooks can be?

There was a time where live in-game betting didn’t exist. Now, it’s one of the largest markets in sports betting. But, of course, the same thing goes with build-your-own prop bets—like the Bet Builder offered by Bet365.

We’ve been fans of these interactive sports betting features for a while now—but they were new once. What will be next?

You’ll have to be watching the newest sports betting sites to see.

Boosted user experience

Innovative new betting sites invest time and money into the customer journey. New algorithms make it easier to bet smart. Back-end developments help sportsbooks understand how you use their sites—and how they can make that experience better.

Remember how clunky online sportsbooks used to be? We do. Compare that to the seamless user experience we get now. Arizona sports betting fans can expect it to get a whole lot better with the influx of competition in the sportsbook market.

Better bonuses for new sportsbooks AZ

We’ll dig into this more in a minute, but a lucrative sign up offer is another reason you’ll want to shop the newest betting sites. New sports betting books aren’t just about boosting bettor morale.

  • Free Bets let you test new theories without spending your own funds
  • Matches give you more money to develop your betting strategy
  • Any genuine welcome bonus can help you pad out your winnings

A better product

Sometimes a new sport betting site just offers a better product than the competition. They’re taking a pre-existing structure and doing it better. They’re analyzing what it does, and using new technologies to improve it.

If you’re a devoted Android user, you’re going to want a sportsbook with a solid Android app. If you focus your betting strategy on live betting, you’ll want a sports betting site with a high refresh rate and high-performance servers. Whatever you need, you want to shop around for it.

New online betting sites AZ


Is it licensed?

For a new sportsbook to operate legally in Arizona, it needs a license. At this stage, AZ law allows for up to 20 sports betting licenses within state borders. Sounds like a lot, right?

Not so much. 10 licenses were secured by the state’s tribal casinos.

Another 6 have gone to Arizona’s pro sports franchises—the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals, NASCAR’s Phoenix Raceway, TPC Scottsdale, NBA Phoenix Suns, NHL Phoenix Coyotes, and MLB Arizona Diamondbacks.

New online betting sites AZ had to work hard and fast to secure partnerships and licenses in the lead-up to launch day.

Is the new online betting site in AZ reputable?

To secure a sports betting license, a new online betting site in AZ has to meet some stringent criteria. First, it has to be recognized as a safe place to bet. Second, it needs to prove it can honor bettors’ wins.

If you want to take it a step further—and we always do—you can check independent user reviews. For example, has a new Arizona online betting site established trust with its users? Has it consistently honored wagers? Has it resolved user issues?

Is it transparent?

It’s important to dig into new sports betting websites. Luckily enough, the good ones make it easy.

Navigate to a sportsbook’s FAQs section and have a glance at the fine print to see how much info they’re willing to give you.

Does your new sportsbook check these boxes?

  • Bonuses have clear terms and conditions
  • Promotions and offers are transparent and understandable
  • They have online security protocols in place
  • Your funds are stored safely
  • Customer support contacts are easy to find

New Arizona sportsbooks new bonuses


We mentioned bonuses before—and we’re doing it again. Why? Because a new Arizona sportsbooks with new bonuses is one of the most influential draw cards new AZ sportsbooks sites have. In this section, we’re unpacking some of the most common new bonuses you can expect.

Arizona sportsbooks with new welcome bonuses

Also known as the Sign Up Offer or Sign Up Bonus. This is a perk every new sportsbook offers to attract Arizona bettors. Welcome bonuses could draw from any of the bonus types we’ve listed below.

Your best bet (excuse the pun) is to go with a welcome offer that fits your betting style—or one that offers you a chance to try a line you’re interested in.

New Free bets AZ sportsbooks

A free bet is just that—a credit to your account that can be used as a lump sum wager. Typically, a free bet will appear in your account after you’ve taken qualifying action—like making a deposit or making a qualifying bet.

When you place your free bet as a wager, several terms can apply:

  • If you win, you keep the winnings but forfeit the wagering sum
  • The winnings may be instantly available in your account as real money, or
  • You may need to wager them and win another bet to convert the funds into real money—called a turnover
  • If you lose, you lose the wagering sum (just like you would with real money)

New Deposit bonus betting AZ

A deposit bonus is where the sports betting site offers to top up your sportsbook account by a percentage of your deposit. Straightforward, really. They range from 10% up to 100%–and potentially more for welcome bonuses with really strict terms.

If you score a 25% bonus on a $100 deposit, the sportsbook will furnish your online account with a cool $25. Often, this can be more lucrative than a free bet offer.

Usually, the deposit bonus shows as real money in your account, but check the terms—it could require a turnover.

Deposit match for new AZ sportsbooks

This one’s similar to a deposit bonus, except it matches your deposit dollar for dollar. Usually the offer has a minimum and maximum limit.

At the lower end of the scale, matches of $10, $25, and $50 have massive appeal to recreational and pro bettors. Deposit matches in the hundreds of dollars typically come with a turnover clause.

No deposit bonus

This used to be a common bonus but isn’t sought after by long-time sports betting fans. Often, no deposit bonuses come with clunky restrictions—you can’t withdraw the funds, you must use it within a specified time, and you must use them dollar for dollar with your own cash.

Mobile bonus

Relatively new in the sports betting world, this one is usually found on the established sportsbooks. The strategy is simple: offer a bonus to encourage long-time desktop punters to use a mobile app.

New sports betting sites Arizona: the summary

Arizona officials timed it well. The Grand Canyon State officially launched its foray into the sports betting market to coincide with the NFL season. As a result, sports fans across the state are well positioned to get their slice of the sports betting pie—all you need to get started is a sportsbook.

Choose wisely, and build your sportsbook stable well. Then, it’s time to place your bets.

FAQ’s About New betting sites Arizona

Is new sports betting legal in Arizona?

Absolutely. The official launch date for legal sports betting in the Grand Canyon State was September 9, 2021.

Do the New pro sports franchises operate sports betting sites in Arizona?

No. Pro sports teams can partner with a sports betting site to offer sports betting in AZ—but they aren’t involved in the sportsbook’s operations.

What is the best new sports betting site in AZ?

It depends. Some specialize in certain areas—like SportsBet for futures betting and FanDuel for live betting. Define your betting style and choose a sports betting site that caters to that.

How long does it take to open a new sportsbook account in AZ?

Most reputable sports betting sites can get you set up within 30 minutes. However, if you don’t have the info they need, it may take longer.

Do I need a credit card to open a new sports betting account?

Not necessarily. Most Arizona sportsbooks allow you to use PayPal, a debit card, or ACH / bank transfers.